On the afternoon of September 3, the 2020 Perfumed Plume Awards winners were revealed via a live Zoom event hosted by Co-Founders Lyn Leigh and Mary Ellen Lapsansky. “As much as we would have liked to celebrate with you in person, unfortunately, due to these unprecedented times, we could not do so,” said Mary Ellen, noting the ceremony is traditionally held at Mane Gallery in Manhattan. Now in its fifth year, the awards program was established to recognize excellence in fragrance journalism. Lyn and Mary Ellen were joined by Miranda Gordon, Vice President of Marketing, Fine Fragrance of Mane, who announced the winners for each category, which is listed below.

Short ‘n Sweet Perfume Stories – Print or Digital
“Vision Quest”

INSTApost — Perfume Stories on Instagram
“Cooper Hewitt – Resurrecting the Sublime”

Visualization of Perfume Stories — Print & Digital
“In Bauhaus we trust – the smell of minimalism”

Perfume Stories – Print – Magazines & Newspapers (the only category that experienced a tie)
“Holiday O.G. – Why frankincense – the original Christmas present – is suddenly so smoking hot”
Town & Country

“Scents of Place – Venice”
The Scented Letter (The Perfume Society)

Perfume Stories in Mainstream Media – Digital – Magazines, Newspapers, Blog Postings, Webzines
Guerlain Mitsouko Centennial 1919-2019: The Scented Skein

Fragrance Book of the Year
“Perfume Legends II: French Feminine Fragrances”
Michael Edwards