Perricone MD has debuted a full brand relaunch which includes new packaging, a streamlined assortment and a targeted communications plan. Launched in 1997, the brand best-known for its anti-aging skin care solutions and dietary supplements is banking on a renewed focus on scientific innovation to position it for growth.

“In an age when most brands are focusing on millennials, Perricone MD is refocusing on what it does best by re-engaging the Baby Boomer and Generation X consumer groups,” said Rob Koerner, Chief Marketing Officer, Perricone MD. “The 40-plus prestige skin care consumer is forever on a quest for truth and efficacy in skin care, and that’s what we bring her – solutions that work. Our media priorities have now carefully shifted so we’re more focused on where and how she is consuming information, as well as how we select the influencers with whom we partner.”

As part of the rebrand, a new communications strategy began rolling out this week with images and messaging that overtly speak to the brand’s targeted demographic.

“You’ll see bold new ads with targeted taglines that are more authoritative and provocative than ever before, reasserting our leadership in powerful skin care solutions for the consumer who doesn’t compromise,” said Rob. “All brand communication will be very benefit-focused with straightforward results backed by our proprietary sciences, strong clinical studies and consumer testimonials.”

In addition to renewed brand communications, the product assortment has gotten a makeover. The brand’s signature amber, apothecary-style bottles remain the same, but packaging has been upgraded to include key science that support how formulas work. Additionally, many products have been renamed with simpler, more descriptive text to clearly communicate ingredients and benefits. Perhaps the most dramatic change is the brand’s decision to discontinue 25 products, and the introduction of a new color-coded system to help consumers identify products by skin concern. Excluding the No Makeup collection, the revised Perricone MD now consists of 12 franchises that house a total of 55 skus: High Potency Classics, Hypoallergenic, Vitamin C Ester, Essential Fx, Cold Plasma Plus, Neuropeptide, No:Rinse, Pre:Empt Series, H2 Elemental Energy, Masks, No Makeup and CBx for Men. With the exception of Essential Fx, an anti-aging skin care line which launches later this month, the edited assortment debuted August 1 on and will roll out to national retail partners including Sephora, Ulta Beauty, QVC, Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Lord & Taylor in the coming weeks. Prices range from $38-$325. “With a few exceptions, we have rationalized prices across the board to make us more competitive in the market, especially with key recruitment items like moisturizers, cleansers and our legacy, tried-and-true serums,” said Rob.

To help consumers adjust to the changes, extensive ‘then’ and ‘now’ education has been added to and to in-store merchandising. The brand has also taken to its social media platforms to alert consumers of things to come, with a teaser campaign using #AWholeNewPerriconeMD.

While the re-brand and revised communication strategy will take priority this year and continue throughout 2019, the brand is also prioritizing its commitment to its scientific roots with the launch of a new campaign, Born Seekers, which celebrates female scientists. The campaign, which launched on August 1 to coincide with the new brand identity, features the unique stories of the following female scientists who will appear in print and digital campaigns throughout the next year.