Peter Thomas Roth is almost unrecognizable as he stands in his new showroom, 12 floors beneath his skin care offices on 57th St. and Park Avenue. The well-known skin care guru is now 40 pounds lighter, dons a well-manicured beard and sports thick, wavy dark brown hair. His Tom Ford suit fits so well, one would think the designer stitched it on Peter himself. And he’s almost shining as much as the jewelry that surrounds him, his newest endeavor.

Three years ago Peter decided to follow the family business­—his father started a jewelry company in 1939 when he migrated from Hungry to the United States. So he returned to his early fascination, creating more than 450 pieces of jewelry which will debut February 7, Super Bowl Sunday, on QVC.

“My father was very smart and creative. He worked with Salvador Dali in the Fifties, and made casts for the Met and the Franklin Mint in the Seventies,” Peter said. “He also sold a lot of jewelry to stores on Madison and Fifth Avenues. After graduating from Wharton in 1979, I went to work for him.”

For the next decade Peter made jewelry. He started with licensing Gloria Vanderbilt’s name to make a fine jewelry line, which he sold to Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor, among others. Ironically, skin care became a sideline gig for Peter in the early Nineties because he was frustrated by persistent acne that professionals couldn’t seem to fix.

“If you don’t have good skin, your confidence is zero,” he said. “And since nothing I was trying helped, I decided to create my own products.”

He found labs in California and Texas to help execute his vision. Within six years, the result was 20 products that focused on acne and wrinkles.

“I would work at my father’s factory until 2 p.m. and then focus on the skin care business, which was really a hobby, until 9 p.m. I rented a space in Rockefeller Center where I set up shipping and distribution. The products started to sell and before I knew it, the business became bigger than I’d imagined and so I focused my attention there and left the family business.”

The rest, as they say, is skin care history. Almost 20 years later, the Peter Thomas Roth company offers 100–plus skus, is carried globally by Sephora, among other massive retailers, and his products are the amenities found in all of the Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

It isn’t surprising that a hybrid between the two passions would emerge. We can thank Peter’s jewelry obsession for the inception of his 24K gold skin and hair care line, which launched last year with 24K Gold Pure Luxury Mask. It proved extremely successful.

“I noticed how the gold dust and powder enhanced my hands, adding back youth and softness,” he said. “I thought why not create a line of products that did the same to face and hair.” Forthcoming products this year will be additional items to the 24K Gold collection, including an Anti–Aging Hair Mask and Hydra-Gel Eye Patches.

Peter’s jewelry is designed to be a modern take on a familiar design.

“So many people have a rope or cable design,” he admitted. “After two attempts over two years it finally hit me. I was staring at a wall in my bedroom which is covered with ribbon and reed molding I had designed years ago, and thought, ‘I should make this. A modern version of this.’ I Googled it and nothing came up. I did a legal search. Nothing. I started designing. I got a patent and a license. Then I made a collection of 450 pieces.”

Because of Peter’s solid reputation and loyal following, introducing a fine jewelry line with the versatility and commercial appeal that his collection offers means there truly is something for everyone.

The impressive and extensive collection includes sterling silver, 18 karat pink, white and yellow gold, diamonds and 10-plus different colored semi-precious stones, mainly offered in rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Price points range from $100-plus for silver earrings to over $10,000 for an 18 karat and diamond signature necklace. New pieces will roll out monthly for the rest of 2016, all sold on QVC or on his website, another main focus. His next concentration will be the retail market place.

“I’ve had a very good relationship with QVC for the past decade and so when I came to them three years ago with my first set of jewelry designs they were very kind, but honest,” he explained. “Though they liked it, they said this wasn’t it. I came back to them again with another set of designs a year later and again they told me to keep trying, to make something that was recognizably and completely mine. The third time was with the ribbon and reed collection.”

As millions of football fans settle in to watch the big game, some women will go into another room to watch QVC for some prime-time counter programming.

For Peter and his fans, he won’t have to choose which passion to follow as many designers, regardless of their area of focus, are emerging into new arenas.

“In 2016 you can cross over and people are expecting it,” he said. “I love doing both. Skin care is my passion. Jewelry is part of my heritage. I’m extremely lucky to be able to offer both.”