In 2017, Procter & Gamble will up the ante in terms of tech advances with a slew of new and improved formulas for some of their iconic brands, as well as more than two dozen new patents across its hair, skin and smile categories. Here, the headline news for its 2017 launches.

Beginning this month, Pantene will unveil a new high-performing formula, as well as a fresh new marketing campaign called “Fuel Your Hair,” featuring Ruth Zuckerman, Co-founder of Fly Wheel. Pantene’s new technology, which comes after 15 years of research, will replace all formulas in Pro-V products. Promising to penetrate lipids and antioxidants deep into hair, the range is said to “fuel hair’s protein structure,” giving strands “more than it takes” during the washing process. Meant to mimic the evolution into total wellness happening in the fitness world, the ad campaign for the new range will feature both wet and dry hair visuals starring Ruth, as well as brand spokesperson Selena Gomez.

Herbal Essences

The Herbal Essences brand is further entrenching its classic positioning as a sensorial hair line with the launch of nine new premium collections. Featuring reparative ingredients such as super foods and antioxidants, the new ranges including Arabica Coffee Fruit, Argan Oil of Morocco, Coconut Milk, Cucumber & Green Tea, Golden Moringa Oil, Passion Flower & Rice Milk, Rosemary & Herbs Naked Moisture, Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter and White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint Naked Volume. Each also features new scent profiles and contains a proprietary technology called Bio Renew, a blend of natural extracts, including Histidine, which prevents oxidation in plants.

Head & Shoulders

In order to address the multitude of people with scalp issues—more than 50 percent of the global population, in fact—Head & Shoulders is introducing a new skin care-inspired innovation. Head & Shoulders products will now feature a “3 Action Formula,” which features micro zinc technology, said to penetrate deeper into the scalp thanks to optimized particles. Containing eight times smaller zinc minerals, the new Head & Shoulders products are said to provide improved scalp and hair benefits, including the prevention of dandruff and increased hydration.

Crest is turning the lights on with the brand’s at-home whitening light technology. Said to be the “best and fastest blue-light teeth-whitening technology available over-the-counter,” Crest Whitestrips With Light, will include an eight-bulb blue light to make teeth whiter in record time. Launched this January, the new implement utilizes the same level light as used by dentists, which specifically targets and absorbs yellow stains. In addition, unlike many other competitor lights on the market, the Crest light was designed to curve around all teeth, which keeps the whitening process more even across the smile.

Shower Innovations
The star of P&G’s shower innovations, which included an updated ultra-moisturizing body wash formula for Olay and a new scent and swirl pattern for the classic Old Spice body wash, is a new in-shower implement called Duo. Said to bridge the gap between shower gel and bar soap, Duo is described as P&G’s “biggest shower innovation in 20 years.” The oval shaped self-lathering body sponge has 10,000 microscrubbers on one side, a washcloth fabric on the other and a “breakthrough flexible cleanser” in the center. Launching January 16, Duo will be available in Olay, Ivory and Old Spice scents at four times the normal intensity level, to ensure the consumer fragrance experience is at a maximum.


P&G scientists have upgraded the deodorant experience. Secret’s new Fresh Collection, which stars a new technology designed to combat “nose blindness” (think how perfume and air freshener wear away quickly after application), is meant to keep the deodorant scent fresher for longer. The innovation, which will be applied to every Secret deodorant by March, features a new “Fade Resistant Scent Technology,” said to slow down receptors in the nose to keep the deodorant’s fragrance smelling strong for 48 hours. Available in both invisible solid and clear gel formats, The Secret Fresh Collection will include the following scents: Boho Berry; Luxe Lavender; Chill Ocean; Hawaii Citrus; Paris Rose; Classic Cocoa Butter; Passion de Tango; Wild Sugar; Va Va Vanilla; Fresh Orchid and new scent, Cool Waterlily.


Olay will get a facelift in the form of a gene-inspired technology. Olay scientists partnered with 23 and Me to explore the differences in perceived skin age versus real age, and what specifically is driving skin aging. After identifying the specific gene activity in the top 10 percent of successful skin agers (women at various ages, but with younger looking skin), Olay scientists reformulated its top selling skus with additional vitamins and antioxidants to enhance skin’s natural self-renewal process. Reformulated Olay products will include hero items from the Total Effects, Luminous and Regenerist lines, and new products will include the Luminous Miracle Boost Concentrate and Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Concentrate, both due in January. In addition, a new app, called Olay Skin Advisor, meant to help women identify their skin age and match the appropriate products, rolled out in late October 2016.