While most brands use social media partnerships with stars to educate consumers about their products, Physicians Formula has tapped its own unique set of influencers – doctors. On August 1, the brand invited beauty editors to Bouley Botanical to meet-and-greet with its Physicians Coalition, a newly-formed trio of top California-based doctors who specialize in various skin-health related practices.

Founded in 1937 by a California-based allergist, Dr. Frank Crandall, the brand is known for its hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and dermatologist-tested makeup, which the company said is free of more than 150+ known skin irritants. The formation of the Coalition is another phase of the company’s plans to reconnect with its heritage, since introducing new clinical-inspired packaging to tie the products back to the brand name itself, Physicians Formula.

“We were founded by a physician and want to stay true to our roots by continuing to innovate with doctor-curated, safe-for-sensitive-skin formulas,” said Alice Chen, VP of Marketing for Physicians Formula. “We are committed to keeping our promise to maintain our consumers’ trust by delivering the healthiest and most efficacious beauty innovations – vetted, crafted, tested and validated by top physicians in skin health.”

The Coalition is comprised of an allergist, Dr. LanAnh Do, M.D.;a dermatologist,Dr. Rachael Cayce, M.D.; and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Sarmela Sunder, M.D. They will serve as an advisory board and work closely with the brand to provide expertise on advancements in cosmetic technologies, the latest ingredients, and feedback from their practices, all which the Physicians Formula team plans to apply to product development and R&D. The group will also be tapped to help educate consumers about the brand’s products, safety for sensitive skin and healthy beauty philosophy.

Consumers were introduced to the doctors on social media via video this week, and a prominent page about the doctors has been added to the brand’s website, noting that they will help test, curate and provide expert advice on beauty regimens.

In 2012, Physicians Formula became a part of Markwins Beauty Brands and the evolved branding, along with product development innovation, has led to sales growth of 237 percent, due mainly to new distribution, according to the firm. The brand is currently available in 32-plus countries.