Poshly.com has added a new feature to its consumer data platform.

This month, Poshly is launching Poshly Insights, a consumer intelligence platform that gives brands real-time, direct access to nearly 13 million consumer insights related to beauty and person care. Powerful, big data technology is behind the Poshly Insights platform that was built in-house, said Poshly Founder, Doreen Bloch.

Since 2013, Poshly has worked with more than 40 brands in the beauty and personal care industries to deliver deep consumer insights that are designed to help companies make faster, smarter decisions in diverse areas such as product development, retail strategy, marketing messaging and more.

Poshly’s subscription-based platform allows brands to log on and see custom and anonymous insights that can be filtered and downloaded instantly.

Unique to the Poshly Insights platform is the ability for brands to request custom insights, which could replace the slow and expensive process of doing consumer research, Doreen added.

To try out the new Poshly platform, please click here.