Executive Credit: Emmanuel Saujet, CEO of International Cosmetic & Perfumes

Inspiration: Aventus has been the best-selling scent in the history of the brand since it launched in 2010. Aventus for Her is its long-awaited female counterpart and was inspired by Creed’s powerful female clients of the past, as well as modern women everywhere.

Waitlist Worthiness: Olivier Creed, current Master Perfumer for The House of Creed, spent three years developing the juice.

Marketing Plan: The brand does not do national advertising, however, there will be several spreads with first-ever scent strips in Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman house books, specifically Neiman Marcus Holiday.

New Strategy: This is the first time there’s been a significant charitable component for a launch. Building on the Aventus for Her inspiration, The House of Creed will donate $25,000 to I AM THAT GIRL, a non-profit organization that empowers, supports and educates an engaged and growing community of girls through online and offline programs and initiatives. As part of this partnership, the brand is launching the #EmpoweredElegance social campaign so Creed loyalists can participate and help raise awareness.

Get It: It will be sold at Creed Boutiques beginning in August and will retail for $405 for 2.5oz/75ml. It will have a one-year exclusive launch with Neiman Marcus, which is a rarity in the industry.