This month’s pick of new releases focuses on an array of brands that are delving into first-time strategies and launches. Wander Beauty introduces its first dual lipstick and liner; STELLAR launches its first eye shadow palette; The Better Skin Co. leaps into acne with Zit No More. Also, Frédéric Fekkai launches his first new collection, The One, in more than five years, while Vitabrid C12 FACE Brightening Powder, developed by chemist Dr. Jinho Choy, gets shelf space for the first time at Barneys New York.Though partnerships with massive companies such as QVC, Sephora and Ulta Beauty continue to gain importance, many of the brands featured here are also investing in redesigning their websites, and looking at ways to grow their digital and social media presence.

One To Believe In Leave-In Conditioner by Frédéric Fekkai
Executive Credit: Joel Ronkin, Chief Executive Officer, Fekkai

How it works: Powerful and innovative, this salon-perfected and science-supported product combines an exclusive marine complex developed with Norwegian Sea Extract and globally-curated active ingredients.

Waitlist Worthy: Part of Frédéric Fekkai’s new The One collection, One To Believe Leave-In Conditioner aims to strengthen, detangle and protect strands almost instantly.

Marketing Plan:

“Our products come to life in salons, not the reverse. We felt we needed a brand that reflects what you see in the salons,” said Joel. The company has developed an ambitious marketing plan, which includes a redesigned website. “We’re also doing a 360 marketing and advertising campaign, which includes influencer marketing, and a new app for the Fekkai salon.”

New Strategy: “Fekkai will launch a modern retail experience that brings its salon expertise to life online,” he added. “Editorial content and product features will allow our stylists to connect with a wider audience, empowering customers through direct exposure to these experts.”

Get It:

The collection is available exclusively at Ulta Beauty, and at Frédéric Fekkai salons in New York City, Greenwich, Dallas, Palm Beach and St. Barths. The product will retail for $26.

STELLAR Magnetic Eyeshadow Palettes
Executive Credit: Monika Deol, STELLAR Founder & CEO

How it works: This highly pigmented and very blendable eyeshadow formula includes varying textures and finishes for a multitude of looks— clean nudes, smoky eyes, dramatic pops of pink and silver.

Waitlist Worthy: It’s STELLAR’s first eye shadow, offered in two palettes featuring a curated collection of 10 shades.

Marketing Plan: “We’re focusing on a social media campaign featuring the unique combination of shadows and highly portable packaging,” said Monika. “We’re also concentrating on PR efforts to introduce our brand and the Magnetic Eyeshadows to influencers and multi-media outlets.” Considerable resources will be put towards education and training of Sephora staffers, as well as high client engagement with the company’s lead pros at Sephora in-store brand events.
New Strategy: “We’ll also put a concentrated effort into producing compelling, original content that will be re-grammed and re-posted through Sephora’s channels, and STELLAR’s growing social network,” she added. “A social media ‘STELLAR Eyes’ giveaway collaborating with a beauty influencer will also take place.”
Get it: Exclusive to Sephora in North America, palettes will retail for $42.

Better Skin Zit No More

Executive Credit: Murphy D. Bishop, II, co-founder, The Better Skin Co.

How it works: Zit No More is a 2 fl oz. glass rollerball containing 1% salicylic acid and three essential oils (tea tree, rose hip and rosewood) created to heal pimples while moisturizing the affected area. The formula is boosted with PhytoVie, which acts as a pollution shield for skin to prevent further bacteria from spreading.

Waitlist Worthy: Created by The Better Skin Co., the product is said to dry out blemishes within eight hours.

Marketing Plan: “The Better Skin Co. takes a fun, whimsical and youthful approach with its packaging and product naming because our target audience is the millennial generation,” said Murphy. “We’ll feature Zit No More in an e-blast to existing customers of, and promote the product across all social media channels.”

New Strategy: The company will also participate in an Ipsy sampling program, sending out 200 influencer boxes to create buzz and awareness. “We’ll also send boxes out to 50 top tier beauty editors, do a fully executed PR launch for short lead, long lead and TV, including targeted pitches to beauty editors who have previously written about our brand,” he added.

Get It: Sold at Dermstore, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdale’s and It retails for $18.

Wander Beauty Lipsetter Dual Lipstick and Liner

Executive Credit: Divya Gugnani, co-founder, Wander Beauty
How it Works: An expertly curated dual-ended cream lipstick and coordinating lip liner in one innovative slim stick designed to define, enhance and shape lips.

Waitlist Worthy: Offered in five shades, the product delivers intensely saturated, full coverage color while hydrating and maintaining elasticity.

Marketing Plan: “Our primary means of communication is through digital, with the ultimate goal of driving new consumers to our site and retail partners,” said Divya. “Appearances on QVC’s Beauty IQ channel are planned for August, and the new collection will also be included in a one-hour show on the main QVC channel in September.” The launch also includes a robust digital, marketing and public relations plan, with a strong focus on video content as well as notable influencer seeding and social integration.

New Strategy: “Our strategy is to provide loyal customers, and new ones, with a new multitasking lip experience,” she added. “

Get It: Available and and select Sephora locations. The product will retail for $28.

Vitabrid C12 FACE Brightening Powder

Executive credit: Beomwook Han, VP of International Business

How it works: The product utilizes the company’s patented Vitabrid CG ingredient to continuously deliver active vitamin C into the skin for over 12 hours in a powder form.
Waitlist Worthy: The powder can be mixed and applied with any daily skin care product, serum or moisturizer.

Marketing plan: “We will be launching exclusively at Barneys New York,” said Beomwook. “Ads and articles will appear on BNY media outlets to educate Barneys’ fans and consumers about our unique products. We will also actively post and engage fans on our social media channels and possibly initiate a pre-launch event so people can see the real effectiveness of our products for themselves.”
New strategy: “We will be launching a new e-commerce website for the U.S. and actively utilize our social media channels.”

Get It:

Sold at and Barneys New York. It will retail for $60.