This month we’re seeing several innovations in body, sun, hair and skin. There’s Dove, which steps up with a foam shower cleanser, a first for the 60-year-old brand; Australian Gold goes botanical with their sunscreen mineral lotions; DevaCurl’s Buildup Buster helps curls get clean while retaining bounce; Peter Thomas Roth creates a new moisturizer that lasts up to 72-hours, and Guinot targets spas with a new face cream. Though each brand markets and strategizes differently, social media, specifically Instagram, continues to be a promotional driving force.



Dove Shower Foam
Marketer in Charge: Nick Soukas, Vice President of Marketing, Dove

How does it work? The combination of a new formula and self-foaming pump creates an instant, lasting lather that is soft to the touch. The Shower Foam contains NutriumMoisture technology that allows the skin to receive, retain and maintain the product’s hydration benefits.

Marketing Plan: To generate buzz, the brand will engage with top trendsetters, tastemakers and social media influencers to create attention-grabbing content on their varied social and editorial channels. The brand will also run a T.V. commercial to illustrate the sensorial shower experience the product provides, and invest in banner ads. Testimonials from real women will also be used.

New Strategy: To spark excitement in a playful and interactive way, the brand is planning a first-of-its-kind ad buy for Dove and Unilever on Snapchat.

Get It:

Dove Shower Foam – available in Deep Moisture, Sensitive Skin, Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla, and Cucumber & Green Tea Scent, will be sold at food, drug, mass, value, and club retailers for $5.97.


Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream

Marketer in Charge: Peter Thomas Roth

How does it work? Along with a slew of other active ingredients, three different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid aim to improve hydration by attracting and retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water from moisture in the air.

Waitlist Worthy: The unisex, oil-free cream transforms atmospheric vapor into fresh, pure water that provides the skin with a continuous burst (72-hours worth) of intense hydration to defy the look of aging.

Marketing Plan: “We will play in every marketing channel possible, while keeping the traditional marketing mix of price, product placement and promotion in mind,” said Peter. “We will rely on robust in-book print ad support to digital amplification, social media and influencer partnerships, as well as in-store education and events.”

New Strategy: “We will repeat what has worked and continue the same strategy for our launches. We will pull all marketing levers when possible and be as loud and repetitive as possible,” he added. “That’s the secret to drive the product messaging home. Our formula was one that resonated and we hope to see equal success stories in the future.”

Get It:

Available at Sephora and, the new cream retails for $52.


Crème Age Summum by Guinot

Marketer in Charge: Janeth Becerra, Marketing Director

How does it work? Crème Age Summum fights the signs of aging with the help of a powerful amino acid derivative, ATP-Actinergie, which stores and delivers essential energy for younger looking skin.

Waitlist Worthy: Guinot’s Cellular Life Complex of 56 active ingredients aids in replenishment and the restoring of skin’s defenses against the effects of aging, while improving the appearance, resulting in a firmer and more youthful skin tone.

Marketing Plan: Crème Age Summum will be featured prominently throughout social media platforms, including Instagram, which the brand has made a key priority for 2017.

New Strategy: A strong sampling program for its 1,000 high-end spas and resorts will allow clients to be introduced to products. Field reps will host special events to promote Crème Age Summum at various Guinot spas throughout the U.S., allowing a wider net of consumers to experience the product, and pass it on to others through word-of-mouth marketing,” said Janeth. “We are also exploring a targeted social media outreach as a new strategy, which will involve marketing our products across social platforms to specific groups who we think would be the most interested in Guinot.”
Get It: Crème Age Summum is available at, and more than 1,000 Guinot spas in the U.S. It retails for $215.

Product: Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen SPF 30/50 Mineral Lotions

Marketer In Charge: Angie Provo, Vice President, Global Marketing, Australian Gold
How It Works: The formula is fortified with unique, powerhouse Australian botanicals such as kakadu plum, which contains the highest level of vitamin C of any fruit on earth. Also included is red algae, one of the most nutritious seaweeds in the world, with a protein content of 30 percent to 50 percent. The native Australian botanical, eucalyptus, works to calm, rejuvenate and oxygenate skin.
Waitlist Worthy: According to the brand, they have developed a revolutionary formula that delivers 100 percent mineral sunscreen protection with the instant absorption and powder-dry after-feel consumers demand. They have also eliminated unnecessary chemicals and use recyclable packaging.

Marketing Plan:

“The brand will launch with a combination of print, digital and direct media partnerships. The campaign will focus on redefining the mineral lotion experience – dispelling the myth that mineral lotions have to be heavy, greasy and whitening,” said Angie. “Advertorials and digital ads will be used to educate consumers not only on the product’s feel but detail the ingredients and chemicals not included in the formulas.
New Strategy: For the first time, Australian Gold will utilize direct media partnerships with Bustle and Well + Good to create custom content that weaves product benefits seamlessly into native edit via storytelling. The brand will work hand in hand with editorial staff to create tailored and proprietary content. “We feel it’s a great opportunity to convey the brand’s message via an authentic, editorial perspective,” she added.

Get It: Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen SPF 30/50 Mineral Lotions will be sold at Ulta Beauty, CVS and Walmart, as well as for $14.99.


DevaCurl’s Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum


Marketer in Charge: Megan Streeter, CMO

How does it work?: To help curls get their bounce back Buildup Buster is a no-to-low lather cleansing serum that gently removes buildup from product, hard water and the environment without stripping hair of the moisture it needs. It uses micellar technology to gently remove buildup without stripping hair of its natural oils.

Waitlist Worthy: According to the company, DevaCurl has been at the center of the curl conversation for two decades with a highly engaged, interactive consumer—500,000 of them—through social media and salons. Buildup Buster is a result of consumer devotion and need.

Marketing Plan: “We are implementing a comprehensive 360-activation plan that fully integrates disruptive social campaigns with both curly-haired influencers and professional stylist influencers; a brand new digital education platform with online learning modules and webinars to provide additional product knowledge and support, while also delivering extensive marketing tools ranging from salon menus to signage to merchandising; and a strategic partnership with a fitness brand,” said Megan.

New Strategy: “The success of our campaigns always centers around real life curly girls, therefore, we partnered with 305 Fitness, a dance cardio boutique fitness studio filled with a bevy of wavy, curly and super curly instructors. These real life curly girls got their bounce back and infused our content with a dynamic, high-energy and aspirational vibe showcasing gorgeous, healthy curls,” she added.
Get It: Starting on February 14, the product will be available at and, with full distribution roll out by April including Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Sally Beauty. It retails for $28.