In this month’s new product spotlight CEW Beauty Insider calls out brands putting effort behind a line of correcting booster serums, a healthy hair hydrating conditioner, a papaya and strawberry seed scrub mask, a line of radiance-enhancing facial oil drops and a limited-edition eyeshadow palette that contains coconut oil and a skin-nourishing energy complex.

No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum

Marketer in Charge: Hillary Hutcheson, U.S. Senior Marketing Director, No7

Waitlist Worthy: This is the first innovation launch under the new No7 Laboratories line-up of targeted skin care solutions. The highly concentrated wrinkle fighting formula contains anti-wrinkle peptide technology, Matrixyl 3000 PlusTM, which helps skin recover key properties and components such as elastic fibrillin. The serum contains seven times more concentration of Matrixyl 3000 PlusTM than other products.
New Strategy: After first announcing the product to the industry through a media panel last month, the brand will spread the word via a 360-degree campaign encompassing digital, influencer, social and significant in-store marketing. “This launch is different because we are able to leverage the incredible word-of-mouth around the UK launch, with its huge waitlist of 17,000 and fantastic reviews,” said Hillary. “It gives U.S. customers confidence that this product is working, even before it hits U.S. shelves.”

Get It:

Sold at Walgreens stores nationwide and at The item retails for $41.99.

Shubie Surf Beach Spray
Marketer in Charge: Sarah Potempa, CEO and Founder, The Beachwaver Co.

Waitlist Worthy: Shubie Surf Spray is an ultra-moisturizing product for hair that contains coconut oil and sea kelp for conditioning and shine. It enhances natural waves and strengthens with HI Alpha Bond Multiplier, leaving hair healthier than before.

New Strategy: “Initial sample recipients will include celebrity clients, stylists and social media influencers to help generate a wide range of interest in the product and its benefits,” said Sarah. “Alongside strategic marketing campaigns with various media outlets, the product will also be showcased on our website for pre-sale and we’ve collaborated with other companies such as Birchbox to generate interest and excitement for the entire upcoming collection.” The product will launch by making its debut at this year’s World Surf League Women’s Championship Tour titled: The Beachwaver Maui Pro. The partnership aligns with the company’s overall mission, while connecting fans of both WSL and The Beachwaver from across the globe to further promote the new line.

Get It: Sold at It retails for $18.

C’est Moi’s Refreshing Papaya & Strawberry Seed Scrub Facial Mask

Marketer in Charge: Jennifer Saul, Vice President of Marketing

Waitlist Worthy: Formulated for delicate skin, the unique blend of papaya, sugar and strawberry seeds provides real results with clean ingredients to keep skin balanced and hydrated.

New Strategy: “We are working directly with the company Influenster on a campaign to promote our product at Riley Rose stores through sampling and branded content,” said Jennifer. “Along with focusing heavily on product sampling, we will be engaging with highly active review platforms and driving traffic to stores.”

Get It: Available at Riley Rose Stores and on Items retail for $10.

PRAI Beauty Radiant Precious Oil Drops

Marketer in Charge: Cathy Kangas, CEO and Founder, PRAI Beauty

Waitlist Worthy: The product offers a cocktail of eight rare botanical oils that instantly absorb into skin to help nourish, regenerate and even out skin tone for a more glowing effect. With use, skin retains moisture longer by strengthening its vital lipid barrier that keeps moisture in and irritants out.

New Strategy: “We are excited to launch with our partner, Home Shopping Network and, with multiple shows while also spearheading a digital, social media and PR push,” said Cathy. “For the first time, we’ve been exploring a partnership with an A-list celebrity that is consistent with our brand ethos in a brand ambassador role who helped us develop new products and will also bring attention to emptying shelters to encourage pet adoptions nationwide.”

Get It: At and The item will retail for $44.

PÜR Be Your Selfie Palette
Marketer in Charge: Tisha Thompson, VP of Marketing & Innovation, PÜR

Waitlist Worthy: Be Your Selfie Eyeshadow Palette is formulated with an antioxidant-rich coconut oil and skin-nourishing Energy Complex that’s made from a combination of ginseng, green tea and B vitamins. The limited-edition palette complements any eye color or skin tone, while delivering good-for-your-skin nutrients.
New Strategy: “We curated and created the palette for the subscription box, Fab Fit Fun, and the palette will be seeded to all their customers,” said Tisha. “This partnership aligns with our strategy in delivering fun, trend focused cosmetics to the consumer that is also living a healthier lifestyle. We believe this effort will build more loyal fans of our brand.”

Get It: Sold in FabFitFun boxes and on The item retails for $36.