November is often about prepping and preparing for the upcoming holidays. Because of that, this month Beauty Insider highlights products designed to improve, and also those that are travel friendly. Hello Activated Charcoal Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste expands on their enamel enhancers; Jurlique capitalizes on the success of limited-edition mists; The Harmonist Yin & Yang probes personalities with fragrance elixirs; b-glowing salutes the 35+ crowd; and trèStiQue gives you something to smile about with their Mini Plumping Lip Balms. In a gift-giving saturated market, it’s no surprise that influencers remain a sought-after group, with companies look to them to spread the word.

Hello Activated Charcoal Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste
Marketer in charge: Craig Dubitsky, Founder of Hello Products

How it works: The product is formulated with activated charcoal, made from sustainable bamboo, and a natural detoxifier that removes surface stains and freshens breath with fresh mint and coconut oil.
Waitlist worthy: This product whitens naturally, polishes teeth and removes plaque all without synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners/flavors, parabens, microbeads and triclosan. It’s also gluten, vegan and cruelty-free.
Marketing plan: “Online is where the beauty community lives, breathes and shops,” said Craig. “Our launch includes a tiered marketing and public relations plan, with a focus on education, video content, as well as notable influencer partnerships and strong social integration.”

New strategy: The campaign will rely heavily on the use of smile-inducing wordplay and attractive imagery to highlight the product’s uniqueness and effectiveness. “Our primary means of communication is through a robust digital campaign, with the ultimate goal of driving new and existing consumers to our site and retail partners,” he added.

Get it: Sold at,, and select Ricky’s NYC locations with drugstores following in early 2018. The product will retail for $4.99 for a 4-oz tube.

Jurlique Limited Edition Sweet Violet and Grapefruit Mist

Marketer in charge: Louis Chabert, Marketing and Operations Director, North America, Jurlique International

How it works: Sweet violet, grapefruit and concentrated natural antioxidants help improve skin’s moisture levels, while the uplifting scent aims to refresh senses.

Waitlist worthy: The product was designed to help alleviate consumers’ stress. Sweet violet, which has been used since ancient Greek times, calms tempers, promotes relaxation and awakens feelings of love. The scent of grapefruit energizes and invigorates, while botanical extracts and natural humectants moisturizes, softens and soothes skin.

Marketing plan: The company relies heavily on PR events to generate excitement and buzz. “We had a party at the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Gardens at the Botanical Gardens to launch the mist, and we had media appointments with key industry writers,” said Louis. “Products were sent to influencers and was promoted aggressively to all media. We also did a teaser campaign on both social media and in email campaigns to our database.”

New strategy: Because these limited edition items have garnered a cult-like following, the brand has learned to capitalize on this component, and thus releases them systematically throughout the year, this last one timed around the holidays. “Everyone waits patiently for the launches and it typically sells out in just a few days,” he added. “We’ve found promoting limited editions at retailer events, spa trade shows and on social media very successful for us.”

Get it: Sold on and It will retail for $35.

The Harmonist Yin & Yang Travel Collection
Marketer in charge: Janice Lee, Director of Marketing

How it works: The star attraction is the user. Consumers enter their birth time, location and date on the brand’s website. Then they receive a personalized pick – inspired by the five elements of feng shui—fire, water, wood, earth and metal—that shows how the various fragrances will bring out certain aspects of one’s personality.

Waitlist worthy: Using rare botanical oils, the fragrances were created to release the flow of energy and boost your personal harmony. Bonus: they’re now travel friendly.
Marketing plan: The brand is investing in a mix of strategic print and digital advertising, “as well as collaborations with select influencers to host in-store events via the brand’s Melrose Place boutique,” she added.

New strategy: The brand’s focus is placed on creating an exclusive and memorable in-store encounter for the consumer. “The Harmonist strategy is unique in that it’s personal to everyone. The brand is about sharing ways of creating balance and harmony in one’s life, illustrating The Harmonist as a true brand experience,” she added.
Get it: Available at and at its Los Angeles boutique on Melrose Place. It will retail for $325.

b-glowing BEAUTY Illuminate + Shine Palette

Marketer in charge: Lisa King, Founder/CMO of b-glowing
How it works: From innovative ingredients to complementary colors, everything is designed to brighten, blur, illuminate, smooth fine lines, nourish skin and flatter mature eyes.

Waitlist worthy: Made without toxic chemicals while giving a pigment payoff, the products are formulated for those 35-years and older.

Marketing plan: “The Illuminate & Shine Palette will be offered to b-glowing insiders first, starting with a pre-order campaign that includes targeted email marketing, editorial content and social media placement on and our channels,” said Lisa. The brand will not be doing traditional print advertising but rather focusing on PR for print, digital and influencer outreach. “We have an in-house list of influencers that we currently work with and are using software to identify new influencers focused on our core demographic. We also have affiliate partners we work with that connect us with influencers ages 35-plus,” she said.

New strategy: Given this is a new product that was created from need, and focuses on older skin, “We are thinking a bit differently about our strategy,” she added. “We are developing select retail partnerships with brand extension. We want to be sure we have the right retail partners that can share our ‘Age Embracing’ message. We will feature a range of real women between 35 and 55 years old with different skin tones using the product.

Get it: is sold online at It retails for $58.

tréStiQue Mini Plumping Lip Balm
Marketer in charge: Jennifer Kapahi, trèStiQue Co-founder

How it works: The Mini Plumping Balm enhances lip volume with maxi lip and marine collagen microspheres to create lips that look up to 32% fuller.

Waitlist worthy: Organic shea butter moisturizes and pampers lips while leaving a kiss of color with soft shine and zero tingle.

Marketing plan: The product will launch online and in retail stores. “We will leverage sampling programs, video and photo content, social media, PR and influencer partnerships to promote and get the word out,” said Jennifer. “We are also creating special mailings for an additional list of key influencers to introduce them to the product, and help create content and reviews.”

New strategy: The company will launch a 360-plan that will leverage all of the above-mentioned efforts mentioned. “We will be releasing fun, playful video content and photography featuring Mini Lip Plumper, created by both trèStiQue and influencers,” she added. “Additional social media promotion will be done through advertising on Facebook and Instagram. There will be new retail channels—in-store and online—being added to expand touch points to the consumer.”

Get it: Sold at Sephora’s Beauty on the Fly section, Free People, QVC, beautyIQ,, and It will retail for $12 for an individual, $28 for a trio.