Poshly.com, the website and company dedicated to providing brands with consumers’ beauty preferences via its online questionnaires, is debuting its first syndicated report that reveals how women are trending in terms of skin, hair and makeup choices for one of their most important social events: prom. The Poshly Insights Prom Report includes data from more than 1,000 women nationwide, collected between February 1 and April 1, and also includes sources of inspiration for makeup looks and social media trends. Here’s a glimpse of what the report covers:

• Matchy-matchy is so passé: 45% of girls going to prom plan to wear a nail polish that complements their prom outfit, instead of a lacquer hue that exactly matches their dress.

• You can’t capture a scent in an Instagram pic, but it still plays a big part in memories. About 96% of girls attending prom will wear fragrance for the occasion. 67% will keep perfume in their bag during the prom.

• This year 39% of prom-goers will do their own hair, with the majority of attendees worrying about their hair coming undone during the big event.

• 64% of prom-goers peg acne as a top skin care concern for prom. They’re worried about both random breakouts before prom and their ever-present blemishes.

To get more insights on these topics, as well as to find out which makeup look is most preferred for prom (bold and dramatic or soft and natural?) download the Poshly Insights Prom Report, which sells for $500, by clicking here.