These days women looking for a fast blow out or makeup application have plenty of options to choose from, but when it comes to dermatological services, only a handful exist.

For those living in proximity to one of Blushington’s five locations, however, there is another option. The Peel Bar by BeautyRx, which promises an instant improvement in skin texture via an on-the-go glycolic peel, has the potential to inspire a new generation of beauty quick services.

“My patients loved what I did in the office and wanted to emulate it outside the office,” said Dr. Neal Schultz, a board-certified dermatologist who has more than 10,000 patient visits a year at his medical practice, Park Avenue Skin Care.

“The Peel Bar, which takes professional glycolic peel outside my office, is the exact strength [40 percent] we use there. It dissolves the glue that holds the dead cells, [which the good doctor affectionately refers to as ‘pore sludge’], leaving behind soft, glowing skin.” The Peel Bar, which officially launched in May in all five Blushington outposts (West Hollywood, CA; Topanga, CA; Malibu, CA; Dallas, TX; and in New York City at The Parker Meridien Hotel), includes a brief pre-peel face cleansing and consultation, as well as a two-minute glycolic peel, meant to chemically clean pores and prep skin for makeup application.

“Because dead cells are gone, you get an airbrushed finish, which makes the service a perfect match for Blushington as women go there for makeup application,” said Dr. Schultz, who opened his first off-site peel bar at NYC’s Butterfly Studio in 2014, followed by The Becker Salon in Greenwich, CT, in 2015 (now closed). “Exfoliation is the single most important treatment you can do to your face every day, and our version has absolutely no down time. You can apply your makeup immediately afterwards.”

At Blushington, where a full-face makeup application with lash extensions is among the most popular services, consumers can purchase a stand-alone mini peel for $50 (normally $225 in Dr. Schultz’s office), or as an add-on to a makeup application ($99 for both). After two minutes, the peel is instantly neutralized with water, and the client is given an application of sunscreen and moisturizer.

“The results are immediate which is very gratifying to our customers,” said Blushington CEO, Natasha Cornstein, who estimates they’ve done about 1,000 peels since launching in May. “The Peel Bar has been an instant hit at Blushington.”

The peel is also offered for hands and décolletage, and is sold in packages of six for $250, which Natasha said has been popular with clients.

“Our Blushington customers have requested skin care services practically since the beginning, and after spending years exploring options we were thrilled to discover BeautyRx,” she said, adding that company-wide, Blushington provides 5,000 makeup applications per month, both in-store and via its Blush On The Go services. “The science and quality behind the brand along with the professionalism and spirit of their team were exactly what we sought in a skin care partnership.”

The licensed beauty advisers who administer the 15-minute glycolic peel service at Blushington are either employed by or trained by Dr. Schultz.”We have very strict quality control training,” he said. “Customers will feel a little tingly but never any burning. Afterwards they will see glowing, brighter, more reflective, even-colored skin.”

Dr. Schultz believes chemical exfoliation is the key to treating color and texture issues, which plague many women unhappy with their skin. This philosophy of comprehensive skin care beyond merely filling lines, which he calls “It’s Not Just About Wrinkles” (also the name of his book published in 2006), led him to launch BeautyRx in 2011, a 39-piece range of glycolic-infused products and kits designed to address almost every skin concern.

“Glycolic acid is a wonder treatment if it is formulated correctly,” said Dr. Schultz, who personally created the glycolic treatment used at his practice, in his products and at The Peel Bar. In addition, in 2009 he introduced daily skin care video show,, which has more than 30 million views, featuring more than 550 episodes covering various topics related to skin.

“I get feedback from thousands of people who visit my office a year to see what’s right and wrong with the products, and what has to be tweaked,” said Dr. Schultz, who looks at his practice as a living lab and his skin care collection as a way for women to continue to care for their complexions while outside his office. “It’s all about making my products and services accessible to more women everywhere.”

According to both Dr. Schultz and Natasha, their business union happened naturally and symbiotically at a CEW panel earlier this year where Dr. Schultz’s son, Stuart Schultz, president of BeautyRx, and Natasha were introduced.

“During a pre-panel get together we realized that our services would be highly compatible and that a partnership would allow us to build brand awareness, provide a value added service for existing Blushington customers and also attract new customers to both brands,” said Natasha. “We tested the services at our West Hollywood location in the early spring and by May 2016 we had launched the BeautyRx Peel Bar across all Blushington locations.”

Expansion, to be sure, is on the minds of both parties. For Dr. Schultz, it will come in the form of more products and new services.

“The next step is to expand with new partners with the goal of making dermatological services accessible and affordable,” said Dr. Schultz, who has done 15 shows on HSN, and plans to continue to expand his product line over the next 12 months. “In terms of other dermatological services we could offer [outside of his medical practice], there is an endless litany of what we do in the office, depending on certain factors, we could expand into services.”

Additionally, because glycolic acid lends itself to many applications, Dr. Schultz says there is potential to expand his brand’s quick services to include treatments for rough elbows and calluses.

For Blushington, a new location on the Upper East Side at 1195 Lexington Ave is expected in the fall, along with additional New York City doors planned through 2018.

“We are focusing our expansion efforts in the NYC market and continue to evaluate opportunities both domestically and internationally,” said Natasha, adding that proprietary Blushington products are planned within the year. “Beyond NYC we are considering other urban markets including Miami, Houston, Las Vegas and Chicago. Internationally, we have received interest from European and Middle Eastern capital cities.”

New Blushington services are also being discussed.