Virtual, AI try-on tools, such as those from Perfect Corp., have proven their worth in makeup, foundation shade matching, and even hair color.

Usage of beauty technology exploded during the pandemic offering a safe and sanitary avenue to try before buying. Perfect Corp.’s YouCam mobile app has tallied more than 1 billion downloads and more than 10 billion augmented reality try-ons per year across 300,000-plus SKUS from more than 400 brands.

Emboldened by success in those areas, Perfect Corp. set out to gauge the effectiveness of its latest innovation, AI Skin, as a skin diagnostics tool for the dermatology and medspa industries.

Perfect Corp.’s Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer and President of Americas, presented findings from a medical study conducted by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest University designed gauge the effectiveness of the company’s AI Skin tool.

“He is the number one expert in the world on dermatology rated by Expertscape (an objective ranking of medical expertise),” Wayne said during a webinar to dig into the findings. He noted that the doctor is objective and not endorsing any company but reporting factual research.

The goal was to find out if AI Skin is practical for a dermatologist office, if it is easy to use and accurate.

Based on the research, AI Skin checked off all the boxes. The AI-powered skin analysis software was able to precisely analyze skin and identify up to 14 major skin concerns including wrinkles, redness, skin firmness, radiance and acne. “It gets five stars for being practical. The risk of use is low, and the reliability is extraordinary,” Steven said.

The tool was pitted against board-certified dermatologists’ assessments and commonly used imaging devices. The findings confirmed the high accuracy of Perfect Corp.’s technology in pinpointing patients’ skin concerns, as well as the speed and cost benefits of the software. The study observed the results of the software when analyzing patients with a variety of skin tones, skin types, ages and genders, as well as skin in various lighting conditions and backgrounds. The results were highly consistent and accurate, identifying the same key skin concerns with each scan, Steven said.

The report also analyzed the results of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis technology when compared to the clinical imaging system with dedicated hardware and cameras, a clinical device for skin analysis in dermatology settings. The study confirmed a high correlation between the results of the two solutions for every skin concern measured.

The high cost involved with imaging devices also makes a favorable case for AI. And AI Skin software is faster than devices—20 times quicker than an imaging system.

“We are thrilled to hear the results of Dr. Feldman’s study and look forward to expanding Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology into the dermatology and medical spa industries,” said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang. “Our AI Skin technology provides a highly-accurate, cost-effective solution to providers and allows them to create a modern patient experience with instant and highly-precise skin concern readings.”

One of the most important benefits, Steven added, was that with AI Skin, patients and professionals can track results that will encourage compliance resulting in better outcomes.