Revlon is getting emotional.

It was to be expected that with a new management team, which replaced much of the old guard in the last half of 2013, Revlon would embrace a new look and positioning in 2015. That message was crystallized Tuesday evening in Times Square in front of hundreds of very dedicated beauty fans and media (it was 20 degrees) when the mass market cosmetics firm presented a first look at its new, love-charged campaign, centered around romance, passion and seduction. The event’s climax came at the stroke of 5 p.m. when images of couples from around the world blasted across a Jumbotron, all of whom used the hashtag #loveison — Revlon’s new tagline to be seen in print and digital marketing and advertising messages throughout 2015. The re-launch of Revlon and tying the brand to an emotional concept, such as love, is part of the company’s overall concept of doing fewer, bigger and better initiatives, and looks to add context to the product experience, said Lorenzo Delpani, Revlon’s Chief Executive Officer, at the event. Lorenzo was joined by Revlon spokesmodel Olivia Wilde, as well as Ronald O. Perelman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc., which has a financial stake in Revlon.

“The re-launch of Revlon and the #loveison tagline is to create context for what we do. It’s not only about innovating and launching product. Products are not only functional solutions, they are an experience and they trigger an emotional connection. So to engage with our consumer and to create more meaning behind our products we have created the concept of #loveison.”

The overhaul moves Revlon from a positioning that in the past was more celebrity, color and fashion driven, rather than emotional.

“When I came we started a diagnostic on the brand and I noticed that this industry is very much using similar visuals, similar codes and similar communication dynamics. In order to be successful in standing out nowadays it’s critical to be unique and different. So we had to go somewhere else and depart from the past and that is what we did,” said Lorenzo.

Revlon will leverage love, which admittedly is not unique, but is universal. New messaging will focus on bringing love to life by implementing love quotes in ads and by referencing love’s different emotions, from attraction to passion to seduction to romance, so that very message “creates a link between the emotion and the product experience.”

Lorenzo added that Almay, which has been struggling in sales, is being overhauled, as well, and that news on the naturally-positioned brand is to come soon. Revlon’s new 2015 lineup includes RevlonPhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup, a foundation that utilizes a light filtering technology and soft focus pigment to give a poreless, airbrushed look and luminous finish. In lip, there’s the next generation of lip lacquer and lipstick with Revlon’s Ultra HD Lip Lacquer and Ultra HD Lipstick. The Lip Lacquer has a high-definition gel-base formula that wraps lips in true color pigmentation with a high shine finish and a bouncy, lightweight feel. The Ultra HD Lipstick’s secret lies in the clear gel base, which provides a weightless feel with a smoother, more even application than traditional wax-based lipsticks. In eye, there’s Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid + Line + Lash, a dual-ended liquid shadow that pairs coordinating shades and contrasting finishes, with one end containing a lightweight, easy-to-blend shadow that glides on effortlessly for rich color, and the opposite end containing a brilliant sparkle that can be worn all over lids, as a liner, or even on tips of lashes. Both ends can be used alone or paired together. New Revlon products and images break in January.

To view Revlon’s 30-second ad showcasing its new messaging please click here.