Coty’s Rimmel London is continuing to evolve its new brand identity with the appointment of global street artist Indie184 (Soraya Marquez) as Chief Artistic Officer, the first role of its kind for the brand. This is the latest move for Rimmel London since announcing its Edge Your Look Campaign in 2017, which shifted the brand’s positioning towards an edgier tone, content and product offerings.

Indie184, a native New Yorker whose colorful artwork has appeared on streets and in museums worldwide, is tasked with helping to evolve the brand’s edgy persona as it begins a new grassroots movement, focused on identifying and celebrating street beauty trends of local sub-cultures across America. To bring this to life, Rimmel London will launch a new campaign, “The Art of Beauty,” with Indie184 serving as its content creation consultant.

“I’m excited to apply my artistic philosophy and techniques to the beauty industry,” said Indie184. “I love the brand’s rebellious spirit and their edgy, bold makeup looks, and have always admired how they encourage people to use beauty to create art. As an artist, I combine words, images and colors to convey my emotions through my work on the street. I express myself by channeling my emotions into my work using all different mediums like graffiti, photographs, word play, and paint. Both Rimmel London and I are passionate about art as a tool of self-expression so there is a natural synergy there.”

The creative content will begin to roll out in February and will live on Rimmel London’s U.S. social media pages, as well as paid media platforms in support of new product launches. In addition to consulting on content, Indie184 will utilize her unique artistic perspective to develop unique beauty looks that can be recreated with Rimmel products. Although she is not a makeup artist, Indie184 believes the role is very similar to creating art and is looking forward to the possibility of inspiring consumers to embrace their inner artist when creating their own looks.

“I have always felt that makeup artists are artists in their own right,” explained Indie184. “Both makeup application and art begin with a blank canvas; they allow people to express their individuality. With my art, I take risks across imagery, colors and textures. Rimmel London does the same by promoting cutting-edge beauty looks for people to explore individuality from their daring lip colors to their edgy eyeshadow palettes. I’m excited to partner with Rimmel London to help empower fans to freely express their creativity through their beauty looks the same way that I do with my street art.”