RoC Skincare is the latest brand to venture into the “procedure-alternative” territory with Derm Correxion, a line that targets consumers who can’t afford pricey in-office derm procedures.

The demand for injectables and other office-based aesthetic dermatology treatments has skyrocketed, and many industry professionals attribute this trend to the rise of selfies, the pervasive use of social-media photo filters, and of course the “Zoom Boom”. However, the high price tag and potential for downtime that makes these professional treatments out of reach for a large part of the population have created a tremendous market opportunity for skin care companies.

RoC Skincare is the latest brand to venture into this “procedure-alternative” territory with their new Derm Correxion franchise, which was introduced at the annual American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) meeting in March.  The first product, Derm Correxion Fill + Treat Serum, has launched exclusively at Walmart and on RoC Skincare’s website before it’s available at additional retailers in late summer and early fall of this year.

According to RoC Skincare’s CEO, Fernando Acosta, “We’re thrilled that Walmart is the first retailer to carry the product to make it accessible to various demographics and regions across the country. We believe cutting-edge skin care technology should be available to everyone, and with the rollout of this product at Walmart, we are democratizing true clinical science and bringing breakthrough technologies to the masses.”

The brand worked with top dermatologists and plastic surgeons to co-create the line to take topical skin care performance to the next level.

“RoC Skincare has had strong relationships with dermatologists since its inception in 1957, and we strengthened our commitment to this part of our heritage with the creation of our new Derm Correxion innovation,” said Art Pellegrino, RoC Skincare’s SVP of Research and Development.

As for the formula itself, Art explained that the line’s patent-pending technology utilizes a multi-layer approach to reducing the look of wrinkles.

“Retinol targets deeper layers of skin to support collagen, hyaluronic acid plumps the middle layers of the skin to provide immediate wrinkle-reducing results, and Swertimarian, which is a unique ingredient that has been used by the military to treat battlefield wounds, reinvigorates the uppermost, epidermal layers to create a smooth surface,” Art added.

Fernando also called attention to the line’s top-level, clinically proven results.

“Ninety-seven percent had lines and wrinkles visibly reduced instantly and over time with this new wrinkle-filling serum. After four weeks, 100 percent had a visible improvement in the look of hard-to-treat wrinkles,” he revealed.

New York City board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD said, “This product is a great option both for people who have lines and for people who are just seeing them start to set in. The best way to treat lines and wrinkles is to prevent them from forming in the future. However, even if they are already there, this is the type of combination product that will improve them.”

The surge in selfies and social-media omnipresence that created the market opportunity that RoC Skincare is embracing with Derm Correxion will also play a role in its retail and marketing strategies. Fernando explained explained, “Social media continues to be a core component of our marketing campaign strategy. We see investments in Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as a crucial way to drive 360-degree awareness of our product and reach new consumers. Over the past year, we’ve launched dedicated programming via TikTok activations with investment in an always-on strategy. This has contributed to increased recognition of our brand and a broadening of our consumer footprint—with Gen Z now getting exposure to RoC when they may not have been familiar with our brand in the past. In the last 52 weeks, RoC has grown at three times the rate of market growth, and year-to-date in 2022, RoC has grown 18 percent versus the category at -1.1 percent.”

Derm Correxion’s exclusive retail launch at Walmart works hand in hand with RoC Skincare’s social-media strategy. “Walmart is a highly accessible mass retail destination with almost 5,000 locations nationwide, as well as a robust e-commerce presence. Consumers of many demographics and geographical locations can walk into a Walmart in their area and grab the latest product they have seen their favorite influencers and dermatologists talking about on TikTok. Accessibility is key as we continue to broaden our consumer base—and we’re proud that RoC is the leading innovation-driven, dermatologist-approved, anti-aging skincare brand at mass,” Fernando added.