Dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are looking to capture a bigger piece of the $130 billion global skin care category by entering the acne market with a new teen-focused extension of their Rodan + Fields skin care line. The new launch, Spotless, debuted on Thursday as a two-step skin care regimen featuring a patent-pending technology the company said has the potential to drive significant growth for Rodan + Fields.

Rodan + Fields, which currently generates more than $1.5 billion in sales, will likely go up against the brand they founded 20 years ago, Proactiv, which they no longer have any affiliation.

“As practicing dermatologists, the doctors are extremely passionate about finding ways to combat acne so when they identified a new way to approach this incurable condition, they were compelled to bring consumers a new solution,” explained Diane Dietz, CEO, Rodan + Fields. “Our new Spotless regimen pairs the most powerful acne fighters – oxygen and benzoyl peroxide (BPO) and offers a new delivery system – using BPO in liquid form – to harness BPO’s power with minimal potential for irritation.”

Spotless requires two steps: a daily facewash followed by an acne clearing treatment lotion. “We intentionally created Spotless as a two-step regimen so it’s easy for teens to use since compliance is so important when it comes to addressing acne,” she said.

It’s estimated that more than 85 percent of teens and young adults are affected by acne, and Rodan + Fields believes they are uniquely positioned to address the challenges of this demographic.

“Our fastest growing age group is millennials, and we think the reason we’re doing so well with younger consumers is that we interact with them in an authentic manner and have a personalized model that’s highly digital and more consistent with today’s shopper and how they want to purchase,” said Diane. “Our consultant model leverages the power of word of mouth and shows the demonstrable results our products offer on real people.”

Similar to other Rodan + Fields regimens, the packaging of Spotless features a call-to-action image of a camera, encouraging users to take before and after selfies and document their progress on social media.

“Rodan + Fields was one of the first companies to leverage social media and word of mouth marketing, and our disruptive business model demonstrates the power of these marketing tactics. As the social media landscape continues to change, we continue to evolve how we leverage the power of authentic recommendations coupled with the incredible results of our products,” said Diane. Since 2016, Rodan + Fields has consistently launched at least two new innovations each year.

The Spotless regimen is the first of many upcoming announcements for 2019, including the reformulation of the brand’s Unblemish regimen to address adult acne and aging skin.

“Since I joined Rodan + Fields three years ago, we have experienced explosive growth. I am confident in our plans to grow as we think about the global landscape and the many unmet needs of consumers,” said Diane. “Our products are available in the United States, Canada and Australia, and we recognize there is still significant opportunity for growth in our current geographies. Consumers around the globe have an appetite for our life-changing skin care brand and we look forward to bringing our products to more markets in the future.”