Yes, we all consider ourselves priceless. But in terms of our jobs, how does our salary compare with the market rate? How do our salary increases compare with what others are receiving? Are our benefits packages what we had hoped?

For the first time in beauty, CEW and executive search firm 24 Seven have partnered to get a true sense of how executives, managers and staffers are compensated—and to gauge the general mood of the beauty job market. The survey, which is now being circulated, will be widely used by companies to gain insight on how to better motivate, capture and retain talent.  Ultimately, the survey will yield the beauty industry’s first Salary and Job Market Report, to be co-published by 24 Seven and CEW in June 2013. 24 Seven is no stranger to salary surveys: it has published reports for the fashion and retail industry, as well as for the marketing/digital/creative realm. The report will reveal many insights, including: compensation (salary and benefit) data, job market attitudes and behaviors around job satisfaction, career path concerns, professional development goals, employee loyalty and attrition predictors. Further, the report will present the attitudes and behaviors of beauty executives when it comes to hiring, managing and leading talent.

As an important member of the beauty industry, CEW and 24-Seven invite you to participate. As a respondent, you will have access to the Report once it is published and, in appreciation for your time, you can enter a drawing to win a prize. Click the link here to get started now: