Executive summits are all the rage, and every industry seems to have one. And now so does the professional industry.

The professional beauty Association [PBA] will be holding its first ever 2014 Executive Summit December 4-5 in Scottsdale, Arizona in an effort to provide networking and education for the professional beauty industry, filling a gap that has gone unaddressed for several years. Specifically, the event looks to be a place where current company heads can bring their “up and comers” to network and meet peers.

“Not since the American Beauty Association and the Beauty & Barber Supply Institute were around has there been an event that just focused on education and networking without the buying/selling element they get from our trade shows. Our members miss having the opportunity to network and learn about new trends in the industry with their peers. We wanted to provide industry leaders with that opportunity,” said Steve Sleeper, Executive Director of PBA.

To select the most relevant content for the estimated 150 attendees, PBA looked at what’s currently affecting all segments of the industry. What evolved was the opportunity for brands to better understand who their consumer is.

“We wanted to gather speakers and information that address some of the drivers of this evolution, namely the consumer. If our attendees can leave with a better understanding of tomorrow’s consumer and why they make the decisions they do, we have had a successful event,” said Steve.

Former CNN anchor and NBC Correspondent Gene Randall will moderate the inaugural event. Sessions will include “What Gen Y and Millennials Want From Our Brand,” presented by Jane Buckingham, President of Trendera. Author Steven Berlin Johnson will discuss “Where Good Ideas Come From.” And, Carrie Mellage, Vice President at Kline & Co., will release for the first time early results from a specially commissioned report called Kline Pro that will reveal industry sales data and market/trend projections.

For attendance information to PBA’s 2014 Executive Summit please click here.