Jill Scalisi spent 22 years on Wall Street building businesses, working at hedge funds and climbing the corporate ladder at institutions such as Lehman Brothers. And at the same time the financial world saw a crash in 2008, Jill received news that would change her life forever: she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

Treatable as it had not spread, the nickel-sized spot was removed, and also treated with lasers to reduce scarring.

Though she was treated, she knew that going forward she was at risk for future spots, and was instructed to use SPF 30 with UVA and UVB protection at all times. At the time, Jill was also interested in skin care that would address anti-aging and corrective issues, but she found herself looking for a product that was not yet available.

So for the next three years she researched, developed and hired chemists, and in March 2012 launched her own line, Jill Scalisi Skincare.

“I realized two problems. The anti-aging industry was focused on repairing wrinkles and not preventing wrinkles, and there were three categories in skin care: science, beauty and organic, and the customer was forced to choose,” Jill said.

So, she created a line that would meet all of these needs. Her line, which consists of five items, contains a proprietary micro emulsion technology – a precise delivery system for both instant and long term results, and allows products to be multifunctional and layerable without build up. Formulas are also free of retinol, do not leave a white residue or a greasy feeling. The industry has taken notice of Jill’s innovation: Scalisi Skincare was the winner of the QVC Beauty Quest Award at CEW’s 2015 Beauty Insiders’ Choice Awards Luncheon.

Items include an Anti-Aging Daytime Moisturizer with SPF 30, an Eye Cream, an Advanced Wrinkle Cream, a Cleanser and Exfoliator and a Lip Treatment.

“Our trademark is science never felt so good, but what stands out is that they feel so amazing.”

Products range in price from $18 for the Lip Treatment to $75 for the Advanced Wrinkle Cream.

Currently the brand is sold on its website, skinstore.com, Amazon.com, as well as in spas and doctor’s offices. The brand is looking to expand into department and specialty stores.