Fragrance sampling site Scentbird has launched a bath and body line. The company, which delivers a 30-day supply of designer fragrances for $14.95, has expanded its model to now offer a namesake collection of hand creams and bath products.

“We know people who love fragrance tend to also love scented body and home products, so we wanted to give them more to love within their subscription, and offer it to anyone else that loves and appreciates great scents and luxury formulas,” said Rachel ten Brink, Co-Founder of Scentbird. “Also, we know many of our customers will find a scent they love to purchase, so we wanted to give them an option for other categories when they want to take a break from exploring fragrances.”

Six perfumed hand creams are available in naturally-derived contrasting scent combinations, such as a citrus yuzu paired with zesty ginger, and are meant to provide a unique sensorial experience while hydrating skin. There are also four shower products, ranging from scrubs to creamy lathers, which feature natural exfoliants such as rice powder and ground coconut shell. For packaging, the brand chose illustrations that represent the mood each scent is meant to evoke. “The Rose & Processo scent, for example, features a bird diving through the clouds, as that scent is meant to make you feel airy,” said Rachel.

Consumers can order the products as part of their existing subscription, or purchase the hand creams a la carte for $16.50 and the scrubs for $18.00. According to Rachel, skin care won’t be the only extension of Scentbird, which has doubled in subscribers in the last 12 months.

“In the coming months, we are planning on expanding into the home fragrance category, as well as building out our new bath and body lines,” she said.