There’s long lasting lipstick, mascara and nail polish, so why not a solution to bring long lasting benefit to fragrance that can last until the sun rises?

Enter FragranceLock, an idea from the daughter of beauty public relations veteran, Francine Gingras, that came about when the two were chatting about their love of fragrance.

“This all happened one day when I brought home fragrance for Josephine [Sullivan], and she said they’re really nice but they never seem to last very long and why doesn’t someone innovate and create a product to make a perfume last longer,” Francine said, adding that she challenged her daughter to find something on the market for that very purpose.

Josephine came up empty.

So Francine drew on her industry experience where she held senior beauty roles at Elizabeth Arden and Procter & Gamble.

“I decided it was time to create and innovate in the fragrance category, so when I left Arden [in June 2014] I started to pursue and create the formula in steps. I think this is providing a solution to the number-one unmet need in the category, which is long lasting. It’s a new value proposition. The number one purchase driver of fragrance for women is receiving compliments from friends and family, followed by receiving a sample. The third is smelling it on someone else. If we can create a solution to extend the long lasting benefit of fragrance, everyone wins.The consumer, manufacturers and retailers,” Francine said.

How long the average perfume lasts depends on a number of factors, including the amount of fragrance oil used in a formula, the scent’s chemistry and a person’s personal chemistry, such as their hormone levels and whether their skin is dry or oily.

Francine also knew that retailers require manufacturers to perform a consumer perception test and an allergy test. She added an efficacy test as well, as her Procter & Gamble background taught her the more data the better.

The perception test was a blind study where technicians sprayed volunteers’ arms with scent (their own), with one arm sprayed with FragranceLock on top of their scent. Volunteers didn’t know which arm had FragranceLock and which didn’t.

The study showed that 96 percent of the women said the arm with FragranceLock lasted 12 hours or more.

The secret behind FragranceLock?

“Binding polymers. Think skin care and deodorant. We just had to find a formula to create something new.” Beauty oils and alcohol are also in the formula.

And, it’s easy to use.

“She applies fragrance to her skin and once it’s dry, holds the FragranceLock bottle 10 to 12 inches away and spritzes twice. A fine mist sprayer delivers the spray, which creates a breathable mesh that allows the fragrance to escape while locking in the scent, slowing down the rate of evaporation and making it last longer.” Francine chose a finishing spray rather than a primer because it gives fragrance a chance to interact with the consumer’s personal chemistry, which customizes her fragrance first then locking it in place and slowing down the natural evaporation journey.

Francine tapped industry beauty veteran Paul Mazzotta from Cospro Development Corp. to formulate FragranceLock, with multiple attempts. “It’s not an easy road but innovation never is,” Francine said.

FragranceLock has created a new beauty category and launched on HSN July 27 and sells for $34 for 2.75 ounces. It is the first innovation to come from Francine’s new company, Beauty Boost Inc.