ColourPop’s new sister brand, Fourth Ray Beauty, is a clean, wellness-inspired skin care line owned by Seed Beauty that promises dermatologist-tested formulas, straightforward communication, and accessible price points.


Fourth Ray describes itself as a skin care brand with ingredients “we can pronounce, at prices we can all afford.” The newly-launched brand is part of Seed Beauty’s high-profile and phenomenally successful portfolio, that includes ColourPop, Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty.

“What started as a journey to create clean skin care that’s strong enough to get it all off, resulted in a wellness-inspired brand that focuses on taking care of your entire being and investing in yourself, rather than just products,” said Laura Nelson, Co-Founder and President, Seed Beauty.

“As beauty enthusiasts, we understand that the base of any beauty look is your skin. Thus, Fourth Ray was born, the ultimate solution to achieving healthy, balanced skin using the highest quality ingredients that are proven to be highly efficacious, yet safe for our skin and the environment”.

The line includes a cleansing oil, gel cleanser, clarifying tonic and lightweight hydrator, all priced at $14 or less. Even the rose quartz roller, at $18, is budget friendly and approximately half the cost of most jade and rose quartz rollers.

Laura cited Come Clean Cleansing Duo and AM to the PM Gel Cleanser as the brand’s hero products.

“We believe in double cleansing and stand by our Come Clean Cleansing Duo. The first step, BFD Cleansing Oil, is formulated with Camellia, Juniper Berry, and Meadowfoam Seed Oil to melt away makeup and pollution. The second step, AM to the PM Gel Cleanser, uses Lychee, Lotus, and Jojoba proteins to effectively dissolve and gently wash away dirt and impurities. This double cleansing duo doesn’t strip your skin of its natural hydration, so all you’re left with is a clean and soft complexion”.

The brand’s other natural ingredients include willow bark, papaya enzymes, ginseng and Hawaiian ginger.

All of Fourth Ray’s ingredients are 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free, as well as free from gluten, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and are made in the U.S. “Our personal beliefs definitely coincide with our consumer community,” said Laura.

The brand pledges to be straightforward and transparent about what is included in its formulas.

“Today’s consumer really knows great products, and are savvy and astute enough to weed through the noise in the marketplace, and see and appreciate great formulations”.

The name Fourth Ray refers to the seven rays of light within a rainbow, with the fourth ray representing beauty and harmony, purity, wholeness and integration.

Like its sister brand, Fourth Ray will remain a direct-to-consumer brand for the time being (available at

“Seed Beauty prides itself on its digital first model,” said Laura. “We rely heavily on social listening to determine our consumers’ wants and needs. Since everything is made in-house at our Seed Beauty campus located in Southern California, we are able to respond in real-time and implement these requests into our product pipeline”.

As with ColourPop, which was launched in 2014 and currently has 6.2 million Instagram followers, Fourth Ray will be connecting with likeminded beauty lovers, and seeking authentic feedback from its brand community.

“Organic relationships are so key to our brand identity and that same methodology will remain true when strategizing for Fourth Ray,” said Laura.

Seed Beauty is a private company, and while it does not share sales figures or projections, safe to say the company is intent on continuing its mission to disrupt and democratize beauty, first in color cosmetics, now in skin care.