Sephora has broadened its range of elevated services, specifically with a two-in-one facial available in-store, designed to deliver fast and personalized results for every skin type.

Perk Hydrating Facial, a two-in-one facial that exfoliates and hydrates skin, is the newest innovation Sephora has scouted, which was introduced to about 100 stores this month.

“Perk goes to the basics of skin care and delivers deep exfoliation and deep hydration,” said Priya Venkatesh, Senior Vice President, Merchandising Skin and Hair Care. “Skin is pretty universal. There are dead cells on top, so you need to exfoliate and hydrate.” The service, created by the HydraFacial Company based in Signal Hill, California, also targets four key areas highlighted by the retailer: it is transformative, quick, personalized and places clients ‘on stage.’

Where PERK differentiates itself is in its ability to achieve results quickly – within 30 minutes, and includes a conversation with a skin care consultant. A comparable skin care service typically lasts one hour at a spa.

“When the PERK people brought their machine to our office, we were immediately sold on the technology. It is hard to deliver that level of exfoliation and hydration quickly. We felt that we had hit the jackpot with PERK. You can feel the skin transformation at the end of the service,” said Priya.

The PERK facial rounds out Sephora’s range of elevated services, first introduced in 2009 with mini-makeovers, and followed by mini-facials (the retailer discovered that express services were a hit with clients), custom makeovers, Skin IQ, Color IQ and Fragrance IQ (all delivering personalized recommendations), and Beauty Studio classes.

When skin care consultants give a PERK facial, they first measure hydration levels using the Moisture Meter to determine specific skin type. A nourishing solution is applied to exfoliate the skin, and a specialized cleansing tip sucks impurities from the skin. PERK’s patented roller-flex technology then deeply cleans. Finally, a hydrating and brightening serum moisturizes the skin, and the PERK machine flushes skin with nutrients, plumping up the volume.

Each consultant customizes the way PERK is performed, targeting areas of concern.

The PERK facial is complimentary with $75 minimum purchase on products of the client’s choice. Clients are able to schedule appointments, and walk-ins are also welcome. Facials take place in the center of stores.

“Our clients want to be on stage, where all the action is happening, in the hub of the activity,” said Priya. “Skin is a very personal category – you have to take your makeup off – but our clients come to Sephora because they like the environment. There is a high level of trust. In the age of social media, people share everything. Their mindset is changing from the counter days. Everyone’s got skin. We’re all girls. There is confidence in sharing, and some of that is unique to Sephora.”

Priya emphasized that Sephora’s elevated services bring back the human touch.

“The magic of the PERK service comes to life with people: PERK with the right person, in the right environment, with the right products. That’s what makes it very special. Doing the best for each person.”