Sephora’s goal of leading the beauty industry in inclusion and diversity is taking an important step. Launching today is Color Up Close, a campaign that aims to recognize the importance of embracing all shades and backgrounds of people, both within Sephora’s corporate structure and at the retail level. This marks the retailer’s second chapter in its overall We Belong to Something Beautiful Campaign, which launched in May. The first chapter focused on gender fluidity. This chapter seeks to eliminate racial bias; subsequently the company has set up a four-pronged program for its more than 16,000 employees and 400-plus stores in the U.S.

The first involves education, whereby Sephora has partnered with the NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI) to build a curriculum focused on three main areas: unconscious bias, client service and belonging. By the end of 2019, Sephora’s entire U.S. staff will have participated in at least 10 different training touchpoints focused on better understanding and relating to all individuals, both clients and peers.

The second is leadership. With this initiative Sephora has convened a group of thought leaders to help shape the company’s work on equity. It has also commissioned a broad-based research study on the state of bias in retail with a specific focus on the experiences of people of color. Insights will lead to recommendations that advance inclusivity and improve the retail experience for all. Sephora is working with Values Partnerships, a leading social impact agency, to manage this effort.

A third effort is donating funds —$1 million— in 2019 to five national civic and human rights organizations and 44 local community organizations which focus on equality and racial justice.

A fourth effort is to welcome more conversation about what inclusion means – which the retailer said extends to finding the right foundation for everyone’s skin needs to make everyone feel like they truly belong in a Sephora store. Sephora’s new mobile COLOR iQ has proprietary lens technology and improved logic to find the best match for all clients. Its expanded educational content on Sephora’s YouTube and IG TV channels will continue to support the beauty needs of its diverse clients.

Color Up Close will come to life creatively in Sephora stores across the country and online at beginning today.