While MAC remained at the top of September’s social media Top 10 list, brands such as NYX, Milani and Too Faced replaced blockbusters such as CoverGirl, Revlon and Rimmel by embracing a unique identity and combining it with a comprehensive digital strategy. Brands such as Smashbox also made waves, by collaborating with popular beauty influencers who in turn post videos featuring products.

Tribe Dynamics’ Top 10 Cosmetic Social Influencers for September.

1. MAC $12,614,605 EMV

2. NARS $8,381,915.95 EMV
3. URBAN DECAY $7,625,310.25 EMV
4. NYX COSMETICS $6,737,961.25 EMV
5. MAYBELLINE $6,611,915.30EMV
6. TOO FACED $6,391,407.80 EMV
7. LORÉAL $6,325,503.80 EMV
8. OPI $4,513,203.50 EMV
9. SMASHBOX $4,275,280.55 EMV
10. MILANI $4,180,047.15 EMV

“As entities, brands have been equalized and compete as publishers: success depends upon having a unique identity and communication of supporting content. The playing field has been leveled between new, smaller brands and the industry’s seasoned moguls, where the resonance of brand elements for consumers and their ability to personally identify with a brand drive long term attachment and loyalty,” writes Tribe Dynamics in their September report.

These trends in Tribe’s Top 10 are seen as significant and speak to the transformed environment of brand building and consumer outreach: The barriers to entry and success that have kept smaller brands at bay while fueling the sales of the largest competitors are no longer pertinent. In August, for example, NYX Cosmetics experienced a surge in earned media performance without the substantial advertising spend traditionally used. The brand, in turn, improved on its January earned media performance by approximately 64%, with 17% of that growth in Q3, by putting the customer at the center of its digital strategy.

Word of mouth is key to any campaign and for the month of September MAC, NARS and Urban Decay had the most talked about collections, Rocky Horror, NARS Audaclious and Vice, respectively. Also of note in September was the use of the word “love” in online conversations, which Tribe evaluated for its Top 10 brands.While the word “love” is used loosely in many online conversations, it is important to note the emotional connection in valuable content creation and when it comes to consumer loyalty. Here, the earned media performance attributed to the word “love”:

1. MAC: $1,850,892

2. NARS: $825,452
3. Urban Decay: $492,525

4. NYX Cosmetics: $602,193.75

5. Maybelline: $1,013,659.25

6. Too Faced: $736,367.50

7. L’Oréal: $1,556,924.75
8. OPI: $673,896.25
9. Smashbox: $314,642.50
10. Milani: $630,808.50

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