The prestige brand’s newly-renovated, multi-level store in Ginza boasts a variety of products and services, including hair and makeup styling, a photography studio and beauty classes that deliver pampering and customizable experiences.

Shiseido’s newly-renovated flagship store in Tokyo perfectly illustrates the Japanese concept of chanto, roughly translated as ‘properly’.

“Are we making the customer as perfectly comfortable as possible? Are we respecting tradition in the ideal way? Are we creating culture with the right emphasis? And more importantly, are we moving people emotionally and hitting just the right note? This is what we have been asking ourselves as we have evolved Shiseido The Store,” said Yuko Masushio, Project Manager, Shiseido The Store.

Shiseido The Store, which was reopened earlier this year, is the name of the retail mothership located in the fashionable Ginza area of Tokyo, a store that embodies knowledge, technology, brand value and cultural value.

“No matter how avant-garde or how artistic [the store concept], it remains proper to fit within the company’s philosophy. Shiseido was founded in Ginza over 140 years ago. Now, we are evolving it with the idea of chanto in mind,” said Yuko.

The Tokyo flagship redesign encompasses four floors of luxurious beauty experiences. “It is the only place that offers comprehensive beauty solutions from the Shiseido Company. For example, apart from selling cosmetics, we offer hair and makeup styling, a photography studio, makeup and skin care classes in private rooms, beauty seminars and so on. Our staff of beauty specialists propose solutions for everything from daily beauty concerns to special occasion looks, to bring out the true beauty in each customer,” said Yuko.

The store’s experiential services also serve to boost customer loyalty by pampering them to the hilt.

On the ground floor, customers can sample and buy Shiseido and Clé de Peau Beauté products, and also indulge in quick hair and makeup services.

On the second floor, customers discover a range of Shiseido’s additional brands including Benefique, Elixir, Playlist, Shiseido Men and Serge Lutens. There is also a Beauty Up Cabin, a members-only salon offering more time-intensive services featuring Shiseido’s advanced skin care technology in a private space.

The third floor offers specialist services, including a Beauty Boost Bar and Photo Studio where customers can enjoy having their photo taken by a professional photographer following hair styling and makeup application. The adjoining Espace Clé de Peau Beauté luxury spa offers a menu of face and body treatments.

Beauty seminars and workshops are held on the top floor, where there is also a relaxing café and event space.

The overall store design includes display windows that change according to the seasons. Imagery includes trees, cherry blossom, fire, soil, gold and water. The symbol of Shiseido, the silhouette of the camellia, is applied to mirrors, walls, and furnishing accents.

With such attention to detail and opportunities to customize beauty services, Shiseido believes the flagship will draw a steady influx of customers from Japan and abroad.

“We envision we will be up 120 percent from the previous year,” said Yuko, referring to anticipated sales targets for 2018.