NPD is a great resource to the beauty industry and beyond. Here, a recent excerpt from their blog where Marshal Cohen, Chief Industry Expert, talks about late night shopping and the power of infomercials. 
What do you do late at night? Ever buy from an infomercial? Do they really work? Infomercials do work. In a recent mobile phone study from The NPD Group, Inc., an amazing 48 percent of consumers stated they have indeed bought products they saw advertised in television infomercials. So now we know what people are really doing in those late night hours.

And, consumers are not just picking up their phones to order late night products. An impressive amount of consumers, 74 percent, have bought “AS SEEN ON TV” products in stores, while 23 percent have bought “AS SEEN ON TV” products online.

Given these verbose ad claims, how satisfied are consumers? 45 percent say that they are very satisfied and another 36 percent say that they are somewhat satisfied with their infomercial purchases.

So how did these products deliver on their promise? Surprise again. 45 percent of those that made an infomercial purchase said that they were absolutely satisfied.

Just how likely is this trend to continue? 29 percent of people stated that they were very or somewhat likely to purchase an item again from an infomercial.

So while many of us think that infomercials don’t draw in the consumer’s attention. Think again. Telling the story and demonstrating the product sure does go a long way in selling products today. Especially late at night. Hmmmmm.

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