Smith & Cult, the edgy beauty brand that first bowed in 2014 with a line of nail colors, has put its vivid, glittery imprint on every color category with the recent unveiling of 100-plus SKUs.

Spanning some 40 different shades of Veiled Threat foundation, four primers and several glittery eye and lip offerings, the extensive range was celebrated at a party in late February at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. There, guests nibbled on sushi, tempura shrimp and chocolate covered marshmallows while matching shades at the on-site foundation bar.

Dineh Mohajer, Founder of Smith & Cult, commented that the extensive foundation offering was a nod to inclusivity, and creating products for as many skin tones as possible.

“It has always been important to me,” she said in a post-event interview. “However, today it’s become the beauty standard.” She said she also wanted the line to reflect her belief that “imperfections are beautiful.”

The skin care collection is paraben- and synthetic-free. Makeup includes Instagram-ready products such as Glitterbaby, a creamy metallic eyeshadow, and Glitter Shot, jars of glitter paste and multi-sized particles that look like they belong in art class. Fractal is an elastic gel formula of lip color, leaving a high intensity shine. Each of the four primers has a specific function; Diffuse contains banana powder and is designed to offset any redness in the complexion, while Untouched contains fermented ginseng and vitamin E. Dineh ranks Blackdrop as a hero product; the bamboo charcoal and black pearl in the product squeezes out of the tube black, but transmutes to a clear shade once it’s rubbed into the skin.

Smith & Cult is under the umbrella of Miami, Fl.-based Luxury Brand Partner, whose President and CEO, Tev Finger, described the line as “fluid” and able to “respond to new market opportunities.”

That consumers today shop for makeup so differently from the Hard Candy heyday is a big selling point, said Dineh.

“Today we all have access to a digital experience that we didn’t have during the Hard Candy days,” she said. “It’s opened the doors to so many new ways of exploration.”

The line is priced from $20 to $42, and is available exclusively at