No doubt, the pandemic changed the way consumers search for sexual wellness, on everything from condoms (meeting fewer people meant condoms became less important,) vibrators (self-isolating meant a rise in self pleasure and toys), and STDs (this became much less important.) Here, the latest on consumer search behavior from Spate as it relates to sexual wellness for the past 12 months ended June 2021.

  1. On average, there are 11.6M searches for sexual wellness products every month in the U.S.
  2. Coconut oil is the top trending ingredient in the sexual wellness products category, with 47.4K average monthly searches across sexual wellness-related products.
  3. Yoni oil (a natural oil infusion usually containing organic essential oils and organically grown herbs designed to be included in daily vaginal health and self-care routines) is a top growth sexual wellness product, which saw a 60.6 percent rise in search since last year.
  4. On average, Americans search for libido supplements 21.6K times per month.
  5. There are more than 270 brands being searched in the sexual wellness space.
  6. There is a lot of room for education in the lubricants space, with top trending related search terms being “what is” and “how to.”
  7. Consumers are increasingly turning to Target and Dollar General for sexual wellness products, with a 15.7 percent increase and 14.9 percent growth since last year, respectively.
  8. Americans search for condoms, on average, 1.7M times per month.
  9. Interest in condoms is declining by 18.4 percent — following a spike in search interest in March 2020.
  10. The top searched categories in sexual wellness products are sex toys and erectile dysfunction products.

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