Who would have thought that celebrating National Lipstick Day would mean so much to so many? With not much reason to color lips in 2020, there’s no time like right now to celebrate a return to wearing makeup with a swipe of gloss on one’s pout. And, specific trends are emerging, as shown by Spate’s Google search data. (Hello metallic, matte and red lips.) Here, the top 10 searched lipstick concerns, interests and trends made by consumers over the past 12 months ended June 2021.

1. On average, there are 1.6M searches for lip makeup products every month in the U.S. There are an average of 678.1K searches for lipstick products every month in the U.S.
2. Metallic lipstick is a top growth lipstick trend, with 144.6 percent growth since last year.
3. Americans searched for matte lipstick 260.8 percent more in June 2021 compared to June 2020.
4. Red is the number-one searched lipstick color in the U.S., with an average of 110K searches every month.
5. Taupe is now the highest growth lipstick color, with 123.2 percent growth since last year.
6. The lip liner trend is here to stay — with over 56K searches every month and 23.9 percent growth since last year.
7. Americans are showing interest in lipstick for specific undertones, with 50 percent growth in undertone-related searches since last year.
8. Searches for vegan lipstick are still niche, but continuing to grow 6.8 percent since last year.
9. Smudge proof lipstick is top of mind for consumers, with 35.6 percent growth in searches for smudge proof lipstick since last year.
10. Americans are searching for “long lasting” lipstick an average of 15.1K times per month.

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