CEW Beauty Insider received a sneak peek of The Color Association’s spring/summer 2013 fashion color forecast to see what’s to come for nail, lip and eye palettes. One of the trends is a bit disconcerting, as some colors will reflect the impact of natural disasters: murky grays and browns; browns mixing with blues; greens; and other muted pastels. Fortunately, at the same time, unexpected bright pops of color will emerge, signifying calm after the storm. Here are the hues that may define beauty’s color palette next year:

Neutrals: Monochromatic, de-saturated dressing is paramount, as the need for long-lasting garments worn year-round becomes more prevalent. Tone-on-tone variations are key, as they capitalize on a play with shadow and light, generating a soft, complementary and cross-seasonal palette.

Darks: This collection identifies an important shift in lifestyle trends, where holidays are less about traveling to faraway lands and more about appreciating the luxuries we have at our disposal. Colors are familiar and sophisticated, in a range of darkened jewel tones with the addition of gold and gray to the collection.

Brights: This trend takes shape as an updated nautical collection. Beyond the traditional red, white and navy comes punchy coral, cerulean blue and purple.

Soft-Tones: As the interest in taking care of ourselves continues, we look to floral essences and essential oils to perfume our world. These scents bring to mind images of delicate gardens blooming with pale-hued blossoms, such as pastel blue and dusty pink.

Mid-Tones: Egypt, a nation of inspiration, is renowned for its rich history in creating handicrafts with rich colors, including a variety of earth tones, blues and greens. These hues are translated into a wearable, fashion-forward palette that subtly references the colors from Northern Africa, such as terracotta and yellow-based green.

To read more about color trend, visit: www.colorassociation.com/association