The cosmetics brand, known for artistry, innovation and whimsy, launches its fall 2020 campaign, together with a creative brand refresh.

Stila, the brand synonymous with makeup artistry, just launched its fall 2020 campaign, Bohemian Renaissance, a reimagination of the brand’s heritage founded on a mix of nostalgia, innovation and whimsy.

The campaign, which features a reintroduction of Stila Girl’s famous illustrations alongside model photography, was conceived several months before the advent of COVID-19, and feels prescient as the word renaissance means rebirth in French.

“We came up with the concept of Bohemian Renaissance as a statement about the direction the brand is taking,” said Amy Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer of Stila. “The brand is rooted in artistry, but the concept of artistry has evolved to mean something different today. Stila’s founder, Jeanine Lobell, is a makeup artist who created a lot of products backstage when she was working shows during Fashion Week. Fast-forward 25 years to all the social media content on display. Artistry is now more about teaching our girl how to be her own artist, giving her the tips, tools and products to express herself and be her own makeup artist.”

Stila Girl’s illustrations first adorned the brand’s campaign and packaging when it launched in 1994. “The renaissance of Stila goes back to our DNA, things that have made the brand so special over the years. Part of that was the juxtaposition of illustrations and real life. Our girl has always loved makeup, she’s feminine, has a great personal style and playfulness. We love that she’s confident and empowered,” said Amy.

Stila (whose name is derived from the Italian word ‘stilare’ which means ‘to pen’) found a natural fit with illustrator Bijou Karman when it came to refreshing the brand’s illustrations. Bijou’s aesthetic combines nostalgia and modernity, plus a love of print and color, just like Stila, said Amy. Accessories designer Lele Sadoughi added the finishing touch by way of a custom headband (which was omnipresent in the brand’s earliest sketches for the collection).

In addition to a revamped website, Stila also enhanced some of its cult products, including Plumping Lip Glaze which now includes one percent MAXI-LIP Plumping Complex (the maximum percentage allowed) that plumps and hydrates lips. “Plumping Lip Glaze takes our iconic Lip Glaze quick pen and infuses it with a lip plumper,” said Amy.

Other product launches include One Step Correct KITTEN Skin Tone Correcting & Brightening Primer, a rosy take on Stila’s triple-swirled helix serum primer, featuring a ‘Kitten’ champagne swirl that corrects and adds radiance. Stila also launched One Step Correct Eye Correcting & Brightening Serum (featuring the same triple-swirl technology customized for eyes). There is also a Kaleidoscope Eye Shadow, featuring finely-milled blends of multichromatic jewel tones; the multi-purpose Trifecta Metallica Lip Eye & Cheek Stick; and Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Micro Tip in Dark Brown. “Stay All Day is a very high performer for us,” remarked Amy.

The collection, which launched in tandem with the redesigned website, will be also be launching in Ulta in August, followed by an international rollout. Stila is sold in the U.K. and South Korea, the latter being one of the brand’s biggest markets. In addition, Stila will be launching YouCam in August for virtual try-on.

The pandemic shutdown was an opportunity for the brand to overhaul its content, ensuring an enhanced user experience with rich how-to videos and ‘get the look’ instructions in shorter, more user-friendly formats. “We are going on TikTok in September. That will be a big part of how we create content and give our girl how-to tips and tricks,” said Amy.

Stila has had solid growth over the years. Pre-COVID, the brand’s business had grown ten-fold over the past 10 years. “Our greatest challenge now as a color brand is whether women will continue to buy color cosmetics when their lives have changed so significantly, and when they may not be going to an office or engaging in social activities,” she said.

Bohemian Renaissance will remain the overarching theme for Holiday 2020 through to next year, with the possibility of hybrid products infused with skin care ingredients for Spring 2021.

“We view the concept of renaissance as a revival, emerging out of this difficult time into something positive and bright. Our goal for the rest of 2020 is to keep giving our customer products that we know she’ll love, that bring her joy, and keep her engaged with the brand and the category.”