Deck of Scarlet is disrupting its subscription-based model by partnering with Urban Outfitters to expand its distribution. The move is part of an effort to tap into a new market and solidify the subscription company as a player among major cosmetics brands. The service, which currently partners with YouTube stars to deliver bimonthly makeup palettes for $29.95, was approached by the retailer via its Instagram page.

“Since we connect regularly with our consumers via social media (or directly through our site), we knew that when Urban Outfitters approached us on our Instagram page, they understood our core messaging and how we work as a brand,” said Rachel ten Brink, CMO & Co-Founder, Deck of Scarlet. “Additionally, Urban Outfitters has a very relevant environment for Deck of Scarlet, both in-store and online. By venturing beyond digital, Deck of Scarlet’s consumer has the opportunity to test and try out product at a destination they love.”

At the end of 2017, Palette 04, one of Deck of Scarlet’s bestselling palettes made in collaboration with Instagram guru Melly Sanchez, became available on as well as two NYC retail locations, Herald Square and 5th Ave. So far, the pallet is the only product offered as part of a testing phase before determining other skus to release.

Although the brand’s founders are excited about reaching consumers in a new environment, there are no immediate plans to partner with other retailers. “We are being very thoughtful and strategic about our partnerships and what fits our brand and our consumer best,” said Rachel.

In addition to entering retail, Deck of Scarlet has also disrupted its model by launching a permanent collection of 14 foil eyeshadows, available on its website for $12 each.