As consumer interest in Korean beauty brands continues to rise, Target is expanding its K-Beauty offerings with the launch of Glow Studio for Target, a skin care collection in partnership with e-commerce site, Glow Recipe.

“As our mission is to bring K-Beauty to consumers in an accessible manner and Target is committed to bringing their guests the latest beauty trends and experiences, it was only natural for us to partner,” explained Christine Chang, Glow Recipe, Co-Founder. “We believe that discovering and buying K-Beauty should be easy and enjoyable and via this special partnership, it can be.”

As part of the launch, a new Target-exclusive product line, Whamisa by Glow Recipe, featuring green and chai tea recipe skin care products, will be introduced alongside items from popular K-beauty brands Make P:rem and LJH. The products will make up the contents of Glow Studio for Target starter kits, which will consist of four-step routines sold as boxed sets, with the goal of simplifying the traditional 10-step K-beauty regimen.

“Each K-Beauty trial kit is equipped with the absolute essentials of a well-rounded skincare routine,” said Sarah Lee, Glow Recipe, Co-Founder. “We set the kits up this way to make sure anyone who’s picking one up — regardless of their familiarity with K-Beauty — will instantly have all the bases covered.”

In January, Target teamed up with Alicia Yoon, Founder of K-Beauty retail platform, Peach & Lily, to curate a 13-item collection of Korean beauty brands onto it shelves, and has since amassed a collection of over 70 Korean beauty products. According to Mark Tritton, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Target, “K-Beauty is one of the fastest growing categories in premium skincare at Target, and this fall, we’re continuing to add newness to our assortment with [this launch].”

He added, “It’s also another great example of how we’re partnering with digital brands who are experts in their field to curate a selection of compelling products conveniently for our guests at Target.”

Glow Studio for Target will be available in stores and online at beginning Sept. 10. Prices range from $5 to $38.