In the “Year of Sustainability” the cosmetics industry and B Corp movement look to embrace brighter shades of green.

Many in the beauty industry are seeing 2015 as the year of sustainability in North America. Echoing this notion, more and more brands are tailoring their strategies and products towards more eco-optimal solutions and are even refocusing their company’s ethics and operations to include major corporate social responsibility initiatives.

With the continual rise of cosmetic and personal care related e-commerce and “subcom” sites, the demand for resource efficiency, green materials and effective waste management from consumers and businesses alike is growing louder than ever within this market. Existing initiatives are seen in platforms such as Birchbox’s “upcycle” outreach, eBay’s green team venture, and L’Oréal’s extensive sustainability program that includes a 60% reduction in their environmental footprint by 2020.

Further nurturing this trend is the rise of a new breed of company referred to as B Corporations, those certified by non-profit B Labs, after passing a rigorous set of ethical standards. These companies are focused on redefining success in business, as well as motivating social and environmental solutions. Flourishing amid a wide range of industries, the B Corp movement has not gone unheard by the beauty and retail industries, including brands such Beautycounter, Dogeared and Patagonia.

Brad Black, co-Founder and co-CEO of EO Products, a B Corp since 2011, reaffirmed, “We’ve always been focused on sustainability in our manufacturing and packaging, however, as the mainstream embraces the need of sustainable products and packaging, demand for our products has increased. Using recycled and biodegradable materials in our packaging, we make sure to incorporate eco-friendly shipping and packaging supplies into all of our products.”

Moving the needle further, MaCher, a leader in designing and developing custom products and packaging for the beauty industry, and recent member of the Certified B Corp community, recently patented a game-changing product for retail and beauty-based ecommerce companies that reduces waste and provides reusable, branded product for consumers. Brian Hollowaty, Director of Sales, said, “The sheer amount of packages and packaging material that gets thrown away on a daily basis is staggering. Now, there’s an alternative that’s good for consumers and companies.”

As answers to the many pleas for sustainability continue to increase at a steady pace, the number of cosmetic and personal care companies embracing these brighter shades of green will grow significantly and quickly become the voice of innovation for the beauty industry. Today is as good a time as any to join the movement and shift the conversation of sustainability to new levels of evolution.

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