Over the years, beauty standards have expanded, with the body-positive movement as a leading example. Along with this, standards and the understanding of sexuality have also shifted. This sex-positive movement seeks to change existing notions that sex is shameful, and rather, should be normalized in conversations and lifestyles, according to a WSGN report titled “Sex Positive Marketing.” With a higher demand for representation and acceptance, sex positivity is emerging more as a larger priority for consumers and brands. Satisfyer, a leading sexual pleasure device company, said many people during the pandemic became more open to exploring their sexual wellness, which resulted in a shift in the way people looked at using devices. Here, some trends Satisfyer saw that emerged over the past year.

  • Consumers wanted new options to connect with themselves and their partners both near and from far. Satisfyer said it found great success with the launch of its Satisfyer Connect App, which allows partners to connect their devices and control settings with one another.
  • Many women turned to sexual pleasure devices for stress relief and overall wellness benefits, including mental health.
  • Stigmas surrounding masturbation and sexual wellness are being broken. With more women working from home, there has been more talk surrounding “relaxation breaks” for one’s wellness and productivity.

  • The Harris Poll also found that nearly one third of women who own a sexual pleasure device do so to help with relaxation and provide stress relief.
  • About 51 percent of females aged 18 to 34 that own a pleasure device purchased at least one device during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to The Harris Poll.
  • The vibrator is the most commonly used sexual pleasure device, The Harris Poll found, with 30 percent of all adults saying that because of COVID-19, they are more willing than ever to use one—especially younger adults.

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