Striving for a clear, flawless complexion is what will bring in the next generation of BB Creams, known appropriately as CC Creams, or color corrector/color control creams. That’s what Isabelle Bolson of Strand Cosmetics is predicting for the year ahead.

“CC Creams have the benefits of BB Creams, such as moisturization, illumination and radiance, but CC Creams also provide color control. They can bring a glow to sallow skin, they can control the redness in skin, they get help clear up sun damage. The focus on pigments in the formula is much more strong.”

Isabelle pointed to Chanel’s success with its CC Cream, which is now in Asia, and emphasized that while a CC Cream will do more than a BB Cream, they still won’t take the place of other face makeup, such as foundation, powder and concealer.

A Google search on CC Creams revealed a version available by Rachel K Cosmetics, which is based in Hong Kong, as well as a CC Cream under the Olay Total Effects brand, according to the The New York Times’ fashion and beauty blog. Olay’s Procter & Gamble confirmed the launch, which enters mass retailers in October. Benefits to Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer will include Essential Glucosamine Complex to fight hyperpigmentation, the company said. It will retail for $21.50.