Every page on L’Oréal Paris’ new online Beauty Magazine reinforces the message that the brand understands consumers’ specific needs, and is a helpful and approachable ally.

Beauty Magazine quietly launched in 2016 on lorealparisusa.com, addressing questions that beauty-obsessed consumers ask most frequently. The magazine states its mission is “total beauty,” helping consumers “perfect [their] routine with the latest hairstyles, hair color, ideas, makeup tips and skin care how-to’s that will up [their] beauty game.”

Teaming up with veteran beauty writers and editors, Beauty Magazine features immersive content across all four categories: cosmetics, hair color, hair care and skin. Stories include the art of double cleansing; skin care routines for individual skin types; how to find a “True Match;” choosing the perfect hair color shade; achieving layered waves. Particular emphasis is given to L’Oréal Paris’ expertise in hair, given that three of the six content pillars are Hair Color, Hair Style and Hair Care.

It’s the content, not the products, which appear to take center stage throughout the site’s pages. Beauty Magazine is editorial in tone, focusing on how to achieve a specific look, adopt a new trend or address a beauty conundrum, rather than in pushing the products themselves. In doing so, the magazine looks to humanize L’Oréal Paris and helps it become a trusted friend. A link at the end of articles guides readers to shop featured products, leading them to retailer sites.

Of course, DIY tutorials have a presence throughout the site. Short, engaging videos, featuring both beauty professionals, such as celebrity makeup artists, as well as popular beauty bloggers and influencers, bring step-by-step guides to life. For example, L’Oréal Paris’ Master Global Colorist gives handy tips; a beauty influencer shows how she went from blonde to black with Feria; a popular blogger shares how to go bold with colored ombré.

Rounding out the site are links to L’Oréal’s experts and spokespersons, as well as a “coming soon” message on a new Gold Rewards program for loyal shoppers. Stay tuned!