According to Tom Ford, “Sun-kissed skin with a hit of daring color has a powerful simplicity that is effortlessly stunning.” He’s not wrong. And, who wouldn’t want that?

For most, the release of a cosmetic company’s summer line up brings to mind things that glisten and shimmer. Products are traditionally named after fruit or cocktails – tangerine dream, perfectly peachy, champagne love, while color names evoke images of the beach or the ocean. Not so for Tom’s colors.

The biggest change in this season’s line is in the packaging, which for summer is ivory, as opposed to his signature shiny mahogany with gold piping. However, the Tom Ford stamp and embossed lettering remains the same.

Owned by Estée Lauder, the clothing designer turned high-end luxury cosmetic and skin care creator, hit the beauty scene in 2006 with his famed fragrance, Black Orchid. His lip color collection followed four years later. In 2011, he released over 135 cosmetic and skin care products. This summer, however, is a far more judicious offering—just four limited-edition products.

The goal of the collection is to give users a sultry summer look with a bold twist of color, while enhancing the skin with a natural, luminous glow. The main attraction is the Eye and Cheek Compact, Unabashed, which contains three eye shadows and two cheek colors; most notable is the bold cobalt blue shadow. The compact retails for $95. The Skin Illuminator Fire Lust, $65, was created to give that sun-kissed look everyone aches for while moisturizing and soothing skin that’s been brutalized by the elements of harsh summer sun and heat. The peach-pink shade is said to flatter all skin tones, and micronized pearls diffuse light around the face.

Lips need love too, and so Tom offers two lip shimmers, Moonlight and Solar Gold, for $49 apiece. Infused with vitamins C, E and shea butter, Tom has swapped the regular lip-tip for a domed bullet shape instead. Each item seems ideal for the tanning enthusiast who wants the summer-soaked look, but is chained to a desk for most of the season.