If you haven’t heard of TonyMoly, the Korean beauty brand, get ready, you will.

The brand, which currently operates a storefront in the heart of Manhattan’s Koreatown, located at 316 Fifth Avenue at 32nd Street, frequently attracts visitors of the neighboring mandoo (Korean dumpling) spots, karaoke bars and other fascinations of the Korean lifestyle with its windows that display whimsically-packaged skin care products. The store, which opened in June 2014, is crammed with items shaped like cats, pandas and fruit, each of which conceal some serious hi-tech skin care. Single-use facial masks are also sold here, such as a Floria Whitening Mask Sheet. Creams, such as Red Appletox Honey Cream, have gained cult-like status thanks to fans including Lucky magazine Editor-in-Chief, Eva Chen, who’s included it multiple times on her Instagram feed.

“The products are great, even if the packaging is a little whimsical. There’s serious skin care in there. More serious than the packaging lets on,” said Tracy Forsyth, Managing Partner of Fratelli Brands, the US sales agent for TonyMoly.

In under one year, the store has become so popular that there are plans to move to a larger space across 32nd Street, supplementing a TonyMoly location in Flushing, Queens and Hawaii. And, a unit in California is being considered. TonyMoly knows retail: it operates 600 verticals in Korea, with about 200 more free-standing units in other parts of Asia.

Shortly after opening its Manhattan store, TonyMoly entered Sephora with Bbo Bbo (translation: kiss kiss) Lip Balm, where it’s sold in the Beauty on the Fly section for $9 with limited edition packaging unique to the beauty retailer. Sephora has been touting the brand in animations, including their Scouted by Sephora events, with premium placement at front of stores. In addition to Bbo Bbo Lip Balm, Sephora is also selling TonyMoly’s Panda Dream So Cool Eye Stick and Panda Dream Brightening Eye Base, which has experienced great success, said sales agent Tracy. Also available is Mini-Peach Lip Balm, Mini-Cherry Lip Balm, Mini-Blueberry Lip Balm and TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Mists. This summer, Sephora will sell the fruit hand creams, which are available in the aforementioned apple, as well as tangerine and peach.

“The smell of these products is spectacular. The apple smells like no other artificial apple you have ever smelled. It smells like you cut into a fresh apple,” said Tracy.

Among other products on deck is Luminous Goddess Aura Beam, a multi-tasking Korean skin care favorite, and I’m Real, a premium face sheet mask collection, which uses natural and therapeutic ingredients such as aloe, red wine, tomato, rice, lemon and tea tree leaves.

Shine32 is the brand’s distributor in the US, Tracy added, and many TolyPoly products can also be found in Ricky’s NYC and Urban Outfitters, where sales are “doing a nice job.”

The Korean beauty trend doesn’t look to be slowing down: word is that Sephora is working on a Korean destination in one of their new LA stores, as is Target. Holy TonyMoly!