With E!’s Mani-Cam in full force at both the SAG Awards and the Oscars, along with a slew of new books about nail art and a documentary on the same subject called NAILgasm, interest in creative manicures is at an all-time high. For ongoing inspiration, check out Beauty Insider’s favorite nail art blogs from around the world.

Hey, Nice Nails!: Wildly inventive sisters Donne and Ginny Geer showcase their manicures online, from Victorian silhouettes to nails encrusted with watch parts. They have a shop in Long Beach, CA, and a DIY book, Nail Candy, due out in May. 

Polish You Pretty: Torontonians Jenny Stencel and Danielle Black feature step-by-step nail art tutorials and nail news on their heavily illustrated blog. Their how-to book, Polish You Pretty, hits stores in March.

Fuck Yeah Nail Art!: Rude name but an amazing roundup of the most outrageous nail art out there with a helpful search-by-color function, compiled by an anonymous blogger who rocks “new, crazy, interesting nail art.”

Nailside: A 22-year-old Dutch girl created this blog, with tutorials for nail designs that actually look achievable for laypersons.

Copy That, Copy Cat: Australian design student, Linda Khuu, obsessively details her ever-changing manicures and shares her tips and tricks.

Chalkboard Nails: Started in 2011 by Sarah Waite, an Arizona-based photographer, designer and polish freak “who loves freehanding nail art” and posts super sharp close-ups of her handiwork.

Miss Ladyfinger: Taryn Multack, the New York-based producer and nail artist behind Miss Ladyfinger,aches readers how to “emulate” looks seen on the runway and the red carpet.

Nail Art 101: Nail-tech-in-training, Lisa, posts tips and tutorials on her tumblr. Easy-to-follow instructions for taping, stamping, gradients and more.

One Nail to Rule Them All: Steady-handed Alice from Yorkshire, England paints adorable manicures, many holiday themed.

Never Too Much Glitter: Chock full of trend scoops straight out of Asia, this blogger (an American in Singapore named Jen) went to nail school in Tokyo and mixes her own shades, known as “franken polishes.”