According to Tribe Dynamics’ summer report, which looked at brand performance between June and September, several leading skin care brands invited individual influencers to participate in luxurious, on-brand getaways and spa days that led to EMV-heavy content creation. Also driving social engagement were initiatives by brands that promoted the idea of natural, unique and “unscripted” beauty, with content less focused on cosmetics, products and specific “looks” and instead focusing on what makes a beautiful life. See below for the brands that did it right.

1. Lush  $19,775,538

2. Clinique  $5,874,862
3. Murad  $5,762,007

4. Neutrogena  $5,438,019

5. Kiehl’s  $4,642,750

6. Olay  $3,632,515

7. Caudalie  $3,603,612
8. Burt’s Bees  $3,593,898
9. Clean & Clear  $3,584,382
10. GlamGlow  $3,397,033

  • Kiehl’s swept several bloggers away on a yacht, where they learned about first-rate skincare from a specialist.
  • Murad made sure that its influencers felt recognized and cared for by preemptively sending them birthday presents and most-wanted products.
  • Lush and Caudalie not only pampered their influencers with relaxing spa treatments, but also invited them to take part in concocting the brands’ products with their own hands.
  • Neutrogena’s new “Let’s Solve it” initiative aimed to pinpoint and tackle users’ unique skin needs.
  • Aveeno shelved upfront product placement while asking followers to contribute photos of beautiful family moments for the chance to win an Aveeno photoshoot and a year’s worth of product.
  • Clinique turned to a younger demographic with a “#faceforward” campaign that focused on achieving one’s passions and career goals.

Summer’s top EMV-generating skin care brands not only stepped up to pamper influencers and promote diverse ideas of beauty, but also continued to reach out to various communities and causes that were previously paid less attention to by major beauty brands. Lush earned support from influencers and followers for its own support of the gay community, along with more esoteric or fun but still important causes like sharks, frogs and puppies.

Neutrogena remained strong in its support and promotion of the Latina community, taking care to involve the community in the launch of its acne-fighting #LetsSolveIt campaign.

To access Tribe Dynamics’ full report on the Top 10 Summer Skin Care Brands click here.