Brands and marketers now have another way to connect for job opportunities.

Influencer marketing platform Traackr today launched a new influencer marketing job board that allows marketers to discover open influencer marketing roles from brands across the globe, in all industries including beauty, retail, and electronics. Leveraging Traackr’s 15 years in the industry and network of hundreds of global brands, the job board looks to connect top talent with brands looking to scale and programatize their influencer marketing strategies.

Based on Traackr research, most influencer marketing jobs are posted in the usual places (LinkedIn, professional organizations, industry news sites) and are not centralized. Traackr’s job board looks to provide a centralized destination utilizing better navigation and search functions. In addition, users can use filters to home in on job titles, employer location, and industry, instead of just searching with random keywords. The job board will be updated on a weekly basis; candidates can sign up for email updates to receive new opportunities.

“When Traackr was first founded, roles in influencer marketing didn’t even exist – and now we see entire global teams dedicated to running sophisticated influencer programs that continue to grow,” said Evy Lyons, CMO of Traackr. “Traackr uniquely sits at the intersection of creators, brands and marketers, so we’re always helping customers to find and connect with top talent as they expand their teams. Formalizing this job board was a natural extension of our position as the central hub and go-to resource for global influencer marketing teams.”

Recent research from Traackr found that 68 percent of marketers have relatively young influencer marketing programs (one to four years old) in their organization. However, brands are betting big on their influencer investment — 51 percent of marketers said that they spend between $50,000 and $500,000 per year, and 15 percent reported they spend more than $1 million.

Any employer can post a job, and any candidate can search for jobs. No strings attached. To post a role, view jobs and/or sign up for job alerts, visit