Despite what seems to be a mad rush to get outdoors (far from the restrictions of home) consumers are still spending a lot of time in front of the mirror—vanity mirrors to be precise. Searches for vanity mirrors grew the most over the past 12 months of all segments in the entire makeup tools/accessories category, according to Spate. Other trends seen here include growth in the use of brow brushes, brush cleansers and retractable makeup brushes. Below, Spate shared the top 10 trends as seen in Google searches made in the past year ended June 2021.

  1. On average, there are 774.8K searches for makeup brushes and applicators every month in the U.S.
  2. Brushes and brush sets are the most searched makeup tool categories in the U.S.
  3. Searches for bamboo makeup brushes have grown 81.1 percent since last year.
  4. Retractable brushes are experiencing the strongest growth across makeup tools, at 25.3 percent since last year. Popular retractable brushes include lipstick and kabuki brushes.
  5. Consumers are also leaning further into the soap brows trend (using soap—as opposed to eyebrow gel—to achieve full, fluffy brows) as demonstrated by the rise in searches for spoolies (brow brushes), which have experienced 23.2 percent growth since last year. The spoolie is also a low competition white space opportunity for brands.
  6. Brush hygiene is important to consumers, with searches for brush cleaner growing 19 percent since last year.
  7. When searching for makeup brush cleaners, consumers are most likely to search for the retailer Costco. Searches for this retailer alongside the brush cleaner product have grown 30.6 percent since last year.
  8. Makeup accessories, such as vanity mirrors and makeup cases, are searched an average of 934.9K times every month in the U.S.
  9. Vanity mirrors demonstrate the highest growth in the U.S. makeup accessories category, with 5.7 percent growth this year.
  10. Walmart is the top retailer (by search volume) searched alongside vanity mirror with 3.3K average searches each month.

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