With smaller budgets than big companies, indie brands have become creative powerhouses in leveraging brand awareness and building consumer loyalty on social platforms. Here, a preview of a special report on top performing indie brands Tribe Dynamics created exclusively for CEW’s upcoming Newsmaker Forum, Beauty Disruptors: Indies, to be held Wednesday, June 24 at the Harmonie Club in Midtown Manhattan.

ColourPop’s Skyrocketing EMV Resembles Anastasia’s Explosion

ColourPop’s earned media value [EMV] has skyrocketed over the past six months thanks to its thoughtful integration of user-generated content and investment in ColourPop influencers. The brand’s incorporation of the influencer in product development, choosing individual bloggers to help name new shades of eyeshadows and blushes, drove significant content creation from these fans and their followers in anticipation of each product’s public debut.

In general, ColourPop’s EMV ascension resembles that of Anastasia Beverly Hills and NYX Cosmetics before it. Moreover, the content backing the brand’s breakout performance closely resembles the #MOTD glamour shots that have made Anastasia a powerhouse on Instagram. ColourPop is often tagged alongside Anastasia and commonly associated brands like NYX Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics.

Kat Von D Wins with Professional Edge

Kat Von D Beauty has strategically discovered ways to leverage its founder’s reputation as a tattoo artist to create a connection in the minds of consumers between its brand and professional artistry. Technique has become a primary focus for influencers looking to create compelling content that will drive views and increase follower counts. Kat Von D’s dedication to educating and teaching consumers through owned media tutorials with step-by-step instructions explaining the mechanics of highlighting and shading, has paid off among the growing pool of aspiring bloggers.

Specialization Pays Off for Keyvn Aucoin

Beauty Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is one of the fastest growing indie brands thanks to its close association with the popular contouring trend. The brand has used its specialization in contouring technique and products to establish its presence alongside other top prestige brands. The brand excelled on both YouTube and Instagram, where prominent influencers helped reinforce its authority and dominance around the trend. Sephora was also responsible for driving a significant amount of awareness for the brand, prominently featuring it within campaigns and recommendations online as well as in-store displays.

The full report from Tribe will contain a list of the Top 10 influential indie cosmetics brands with the highest EMV, and digital strategies which helped them land the top spot. It will be available to attendees of CEW’s upcoming Newsmaker event, which will feature top executives from Indie brands who will discuss how they’re staying one step ahead of the industry by innovating for tomorrow’s beauty consumers; key drivers of their success; and growth plans for their brands.

Additionally, keynote speaker Vennette Ho, Managing Director, Financo, will discuss the M&A activity in beauty and the factors that make a brand attractive for acquisition.

The event kicks off with a cocktail networking session at 5 p.m., followed by the program at 6:00 p.m. Individual CEW member tickets are $175; non-member tickets are $275. To register to attend this event, click here.