Trinny Woodall, the London-based entrepreneur, T.V. presenter and global fashion stylist, has added skin care to her line up with the launch of two active cleansers.

Trinny, Founder and CEO of Trinny London has, by her own admission, been obsessed with skin care for more than 40 years. Her two new items, cleansers formulated with actives to clean skin and gently exfoliate the surface, prep skin so that serums and moisturizers penetrate more effectively.

“When I started Trinny London [in 2017], a lot of people who know me thought I would start with skin care because they know how fanatical I have always been about skin care. I’ve tried so many products, I’ve met 101 formulators over the years, as well as skin care experts around the world,” said Trinny, who is perhaps best-known for her engaging and trusted videos on YouTube and Instagram, including “Makeup of the Week” and “Closet Confessions” where she delivers a never-ending stream of advice on beauty, skin care, fashion and wellbeing. (Trinny hit one million followers on Instagram earlier this year and has 330K subscribers on her YouTube channel).

While there have been various pop-up stores, Trinny London is a D2C brand.

With the launch of her first two products, Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser and Better Off AHA/PHA Gel Cleanser, Trinny’s newest mission is to “demystify skin care.”

“Now that we [at Trinny London] have spent four years talking to women about using ingredients in makeup that feel like skin care, and having many makeup-skin care hybrids, and talking to them about a base that allows them to have their best possible skin, we are now ready to get you to have incredible skin so that, whether you choose to wear makeup or not, the base is working,” she said.

Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser is an oil-based balm that removes grime, eye makeup and SPF, and is designed to boost radiance and nourish skin while respecting the skin microbiome. The balm cleanser contains almond, jojoba oils and natural glycolipids, together with pineapple enzyme that gently helps to exfoliate and boost radiance. The prebiotic complex also enhances a healthy skin microflora.

Better Off AHA/PHA Gel Cleanser is an exfoliating conditioning gel that thoroughly cleans the skin without stripping it, and gently exfoliates the surface to reveal a natural glow. The gel cleanser contains natural quillaja and oat amino acids, while lactic acid and malic acid (AHA exfoliants) banish dead skin cells to create an even skin texture. Lactobionic acid (a PHA exfoliant) mildly exfoliates and hydrates, and natural inulin promotes an optimal environment for good microflora to thrive.

The balm is recommended for people with dry skin, while the gel suits oilier skin. The cleansers can also be used together or alone, especially for combination skin, and to prep skin for the next step in any skin care routine. Beyond removing grime, cleansing the face also prevents accelerated aging, said Trinny.

The brand will be launching its skin care collection one category at a time in order to simplify the world of skin care “by dividing it into easy-to-understand chapters.” Trinny believes creating a clean canvas is the first and most important step.

“Cleansing is the foundation of good skin. If you don’t do this first bit right, products won’t work well, they can be blocked by the film of your cleanser or stripped by the ingredients that you’re applying, which will damage the microbiome even further,” she said.