Having seemingly conquered skin care for the face, TULA is now homing in on body care with its expansion into the category featuring two new products, exclusively at Ulta Beauty. The entry into body is a response to Ulta sales data which shows that sales in the body segment are up 50 percent year over year, outpacing facial skin care growth by 19 percent. Ulta research reveals 65 percent of consumers believe there is a distinct link between beauty and wellness, and 80 percent feel they need to take better care of themselves mentally by introducing moments of self-care into their routines—further indicating the holistic beauty shift.

“We really got in the kitchen with Ulta for this launch,” said Savannah Sachs, CEO of TULA. “They came to us because they saw this white space in prestige body and we as a top ranked brand saw we could really go after it with them.”

The new TULA items include Take Care + Nourish Advanced Hydration Body Moisturizer and the Take Care + Polish Revitalize & Cleanse Body Exfoliator, both of which feature the brand’s proprietary S6Pro Complex, a “super six blend” of prebiotics and probiotic extracts to help improve skin smoothness and maintain skin balance, along with additional skin-first and superfood ingredients.

Since launching at Ulta Beauty in 2018 with five SKU’s, TULA has significantly expanded its footprint at the retailer, solidifying its position as a category leader and a top ranked prestige skin care brand. Today TULA sells more than 40 SKUs in just over half of Ulta stores within six feet of space; the balance of stores devote four and half feet to the brand.

“The Ulta partnership has been critical to driving brand awareness and a transformative element to our growth over the past three years and we wanted to give a nod to that partnership by launching ahead of our DTC. Also, in the last year, we have seen an incredible resurgence of brick-and-mortar retail growth. Just under 50 percent of our revenue is from DTC. This wild resurgence of in-store purchasing [has led to us] being a true, balanced omni brand,” Savannah said.

Take Care + Polish Revitalize & Cleanse Body Exfoliator includes a triple AHA blend and ingredients such as lemon peel and hibiscus flower acid to gently buff and polish the skin, ($34).  Take Care + Nourish Advanced Hydration Body Moisturizer ($38) helps to nourish and improve skin smoothness with ingredients such as vitamin C, yuzu, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides.

In addition to on-shelf presence, TULA will take over skin services at Ulta Beauty’s salons throughout February and March at select locations to provide facials, hand treatments, and one-on-one sessions.

The new TULA items launched on ultabeauty.com Monday and will be in-store chainwide at the end of December.

“At Ulta Beauty, we’re proud to be the destination for brands to grow and be discovered,” said Monica Arnaudo, Chief Merchandising Officer, Ulta Beauty. “TULA is a shining example of how we work to foster growth, build brand love and provide a platform of limitless possibilities—their success will only continue. We’re thrilled to be the partner of choice as they enter into an exciting, new category and know our guests will continue to embrace the brand with enthusiasm and open arms.”