Tweezerman is launching its first influencer campaign and is partnering with global influencer and entrepreneur, Huda Kattan, to release a special edition beauty tool collection with her brand, Huda Beauty. The Dubai-based beauty mogul is seen as one of the most influential beauty bloggers in the world with more than 20 million Instagram followers, and was recently named one of the top 25 most influential people on the Internet by Time magazine.

“We wanted to collaborate with someone who had as much passion for our brand as we do,” said Christine Pascullo, VP of Marketing, Tweezerman. “Huda was fully involved in the entire development process: from the selection of items to the details of the lip patterns, colors and overall aesthetic. She is so in-tune with what consumers are looking for and still continues to be involved in the program as we are focused on all elements of its communication now.”

Huda’s enormous digital footprint led to success of her Huda Beauty line in 2013, which launched with a false lashes collection, and has since rapidly expanded to include lip, eye and face color cosmetics. The partnership with Tweezerman allows the social media star to add beauty tools to her resume.

“I’m super excited about the collaboration with Tweezerman and I feel extremely honored to be the first beauty influencer in the world to collaborate with them,” said Huda. “Tweezerman is a brand I’ve been using for years because the quality of their tweezers and products really is unparalleled. I’m so in-love with the finished product and I can’t wait for everyone to try them!”

Consumers can purchase a large slant tweezer for $26, or a mini version for $17, both of which, come adored with Huda Beauty’s signature lip prints and logo. Also available is a two-piece set featuring the mini tweezer and 10x magnetifying mirror, equipped with suction cups, for $34. A full kit, featuring the large-sized tweezer, mirror, brow shaping scissors, spoolie brush and fuchsia colored, lip-shaped cosmetics bag will retail for $65.

The partnership with Huda is the first of several collaborations in the pipeline for Tweezerman, as the brand hopes tapping influencers will increase its awareness among it digitally-savvy consumers.

“With the world becoming increasingly digital, consumers are constantly connected and looking for information. We will partner with influencers that we feel are authentic and have a connection to the brand. It is really important to work with influencers that are very hands-on with the program as we truly want whatever we launch to be the best of both brands. We are very excited about the opportunities that are currently in the works and looking forward to sharing them with everyone in the future,” said Christine.

The Tweezerman x Huda Beauty Special Edition Collection will be available on and on July 10, and at Sephora on July 24.